Bhagya Lakshmi 1st August 2022 Written Update, Bhagya Lakshmi 1st August 2022 Episode

Today Episode Writen Updates Bhagya Lakshmi 1st August 2022 Written Update,  Bhagya Lakshmi 1st August 2022 Episode

Ayush saved Ayush's life which is completely saved but want to tell you friends what is the truth of Malishka, what is in front of CP Inspector is going to come. That is, whatever is in front of Durgavati will come. Malishka is about to get the black truth of Malishka. 

His deeds are going to be punished badly and Malishka. What is going to be arrested soon, in the upcoming episode of Khas Bhagyalakshmi, you want to tell all the things to all the viewers. Friends in full detail. In the coming episodes, Ayush's life will be the first to be saved. Whoever is from Balwinder's clutches will be completely saved. 

Whatever is Ayush and Ayush, whatever is Ayush is going to go to Aunty ji. That is, Laxmi's aunt will be there and current will also be there and Shalu who is here will be completely taking care of Ayush and Ayush is due to late night and he got hurt because of that call. 

Will go to Lakshmi and Rishi and say that I am absolutely fine but yes I mean I am fine but don't tell anyone in the family that I am at uncle's place. Now after this all of you viewers will get to see Lakshmi and mean will be seen asking questions to Lakshmi and Rishi. 

Neelam will be seen asking Ayush about Ayush asking this question, did you know that here you mean you knew about Ayush? Where is Ayush? And after this, whatever is there is also a little listener, Lakshmi and Rishi are auctioned. 

Yes, Neelam, when she will come to know that Ayush is in aunt's house, then she will be seen wandering a lot and will be seen insulting Lakshmi for two days. Now want to tell you here that Malishka is going to happen on the other side. 

Afraid yes, Malishka must be afraid that her bhanda which is there may not be completely torn apart and her truth may not come to the fore. Malishka will be getting more upset thinking this thing and only then who is Inspector Durga Durga Devi will be fully understood.

 Who is behind Ayush, behind Ayush's disappearance and Balwinder's escape and who is supporting Balwinder, what is behind all this is no one else's hand but Malishka's hand here because There is a lot of proof that Durga Devi is going to get against Malishka and Durga Devi is going to arrest Malishka in this behavior soon, so here Malishka will get the punishment for her deeds. 

Friends and completely she will be seen grinding mill in jail. Now the fate of Rishi and Lakshmi, which is more strong, will be seen there as well as this twist, this turning point which all of you viewers will get to see.

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