Bhagya Lakshmi 26th July 2022 Episode Written Update

Today Episode Written Telly Updates Bhagya Lakshmi 26th July 2022 Episode Written Update

Did Balwinder become Marrakesh the biggest time on the sage Balwinder created complete havoc on the sage but saved Lakshmi and Lakshmi who is the biggest sacrifice to save the life of the sage Balwinder ran away, now here's a big twist What is the twist that all of you viewers will get to see? Let us tell you in today's special report. 

Friends Malishka who is there wants to create misunderstanding between Rishi and Lakshmi and she will also create misunderstanding. Now want to tell you what will you do to friends. Malishka will cling to the sage's cine and will pretend to be scared at the same time.

 And seeing all this, Lakshmi will be seen telling Rishi who is more angrily and a little polite to Rishi as well as how he does dowry from outside girls. This is what he is going to say. Seeing this, Malishka is going to be completely burnt to ashes. 

On the other hand, you will get to see that the sage will be seen asking who he is. Rishi will be seen asking who is he, you tell him to Balwinder. After this Balwinder who is there is going to be completely blackmailed here. 

He will try to hit Lakshmi completely on the neck and he will try to run away. So here you will get to see. When he goes ahead to teach a lesson to Rishi who is Balwinder, then Balwinder who is leaving Lakshmi will kill him. Will completely attack the sage's hand on no one else but the sage. 

Now what you will get to see here, then Lakshmi already knows how big a market defect is on the sage and Lakshmi will stop what she is due to the shadow of the market defect on the sage. Lakshmi will stop and at the same time Lakshmi will stop the sage. 

And will say that Balwinder has run away then let Balwinder run away but you will not go after Balwinder. You will be seen saying what I swear to you. Now the one who is here Lakshmi knows how big the market is due to defects. 

On top of Rishi and if Rishi chases Balwinder then Rishi's life can also increase in danger because of Balwinder. So what are these things, now all of you viewers will get to see the face like this, so the story is going to be quite interesting. 

Friends, what will happen in the upcoming episodes of the upcoming episodes and will Rishi understand what Rishi will be able to understand why Laxmi let Balwinder go here. This thing will be worth watching for you.

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