Bhagya Lakshmi 5th August 2022 Episode Written Updates Today

Lakshmi is about to do it. Calling and calling Pandit Badrinath, who is going to invite Pandit Badrinath.

Oberoi is about to re-enter the house and that's why Laxmi will invite Pandit Badrinath as well as Neelam will get the biggest blow. Now why is going to get a setback from this decision from Laxmi to Neelam, let's tell you friends in today's special board. 

Special in the upcoming episode first of all you want to tell all the viewers friends coming family now Lakshmi who is going to do a special puja abroad inside the house yes, for peace inside her and here Rishi's 

market friendship to save Rishi And here she will call Pandit Badrinath what is there and at the same time for what will Neelam get a setback here, then Neelam who is here is already much more than Pandit Badrinath, but Pandit Badrinath is a Pandit. 

It seems that Neelam and Neelam who is and Pandit Badrinath have been badly insulted and at the same time says that our brother-in-law, you will not come to this house, this is what Pandit Badrinath says but now wants to tell you It is Lakshmi who is not going to invite Pandit Badrinath inside the house, but who is going to be worshiped in his hands, it will be a desire as well as Markesh Dosh who is going to return once again.

 Once again the biggest problem of market defect is going to happen once again on Lakshmi and sage, now Lakshmi will save the life of the sage once again, but this time the life of Lakshmi is going to be in danger and she The market which is none other than Balwinder, Balwinder and Malishka here is what all of you viewers will get to see. 

Now what will Neelam be able to forgive Laxmi and will there be more relation to Lakshmi and the Neelam here, it will be worse. What is going to happen in the story? Which new mode will come and which twist will be shown, it will be very interesting to see. 

Friends, now this is an update in the upcoming episodes of Kumkum Bhagya that means Bhagyalakshmi is sounding great. Friends, now here we have to see what will happen in the upcoming episodes. That's all friends in today's special report

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