Bhagya Lakshmi 7th August 2022 Episode Written Update, Bhagya Lakshmi 7th August 2022 Today Episode

After Malishka, the huge silt that fell on Neelam is going to be of Neelam. Arrest soon and Neelam will be charged with the biggest charge of torturing Lakshmi. 

Yes, now Neelam who is in jail is going to grind because Durgadevi is going to arrest Neelam after Malishka too. What's going to happen special In the upcoming episode, let's tell all the viewers about all the things in full detail. Friends, in today's special report. 

Friends, first of all you want to tell all the audience special in the upcoming episodes, you will get to see this in the upcoming banging episodes. On the one hand where Neelam is going to cross Malishka and Neelam is going to say to Malishka that you take away the sage from your Lakshmi. 

This is what she is going to say and at the same time, Sonia will also be seen provoking Malishka here and will be seen saying that you have to get Laxmi out of your way because there is love and love between Lakshya and Rishi. 

More is flourishing and more love is increasing and here it should not be too late and Lakshmi should not completely dominate you. Whatever this thing is, she is going to say and Durgadevi who is there will be investigating this case thoroughly and by calling Balwinder, Malishka who is going to play a big trick here. 

She is going to give the hobby of Karan to Lakshmi. Now after this Durgadevi will come again and will come back and Saari is going to try to investigate the whole case again. During which she will find Malishka guilty and is going to ask Malishka who is with you, then after that Malishka is all the cash of Sara. 

She will spit like a parrot and will not take it towards Pe, but will also take the name of Neelam. After which Neelam will also be arrested. Will arrest Malishka too. Durgadevi is going to get the biggest punishment for both of them. So now in this way the talk which is there will be carried forward.

 Now what's going to happen is special in the upcoming episodes and how the story will be shown going forward and what other shocking revelations will happen here because here in the life of Rishi and Laxmi, what caused the death of Laxmi's mother Babu ji This secret was also made. This secret is also about to come out. 

So now all these things which are there are going to come to the fore because Inspector Durgadevi who is of this case. All the investigation related to this is being done in a proper way. So now it will be much more interesting to see. That's all friends in today's special report

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