Kumkum Bhagya 1st August 2022 Written Update, Kumkum Bhagya 1st August 2022 Episode

Today Episode Written Telly Updates Kumkum Bhagya 1st August 2022 Written Update,  Kumkum Bhagya 1st August 2022 Episode

Prachi is going to have a baby shower in which Dida is going to be very happy about Prachi's happiness in life. So Pallavi is going to happen to what Dida is there, yes Pallavi is going to be suspicious and will make Pallavi completely a sports Dida as well as want to tell you. 

Ranveer has also been suspicious of his mother Pallavi, now what he will do, you will tell this to all the audience. Friends as well as Riya who is. Seeing Prachi and Ranveer unite, their happiness will go to a complete eclipse. What is going to be the biggest move, let us tell you in today's special report. 

In the upcoming episodes, first of all I want to tell you that Prachi's baby shower is about to take place and what is it for the happiness of Prachi's baby boy. A huge worship that is Kohli yes! will be placed in it. Where Prachi and Ranbir will pass through a romantic move called Mint to Jo Hai. 

Where Pallavi is now here she has already made the biggest move to get Prachi and her children her child but that trick will be her cute after many months because by the time Prachi will give birth to the child and till then So it must have been a very long time. 

So even before this, what is the plan of Pallavi, it will be seen to be flop because now here Pallavi is going to say such things in front of Dida, because of which now Dida is going to be completely talking about Pallavi here. But doubts and on the other hand now Ranveer already had doubts. Yes he is definitely happy. 

He is definitely excited about Prachi's happiness. But he also has doubts because it has always happened so often. With Prachi it is well known that happiness comes. Whatever is there is completely spoiled before it arrives, so take Ranveer here. 

Ranveer is a little suspicious about his mother because his mother has spoken a lot. A lot is narrated here about Prachi. But what she does in the second moment, here, how can she go about this thing, that question means completely now the answer to this question is what she is going to ask. 

In the effort itself, you will also get to see that Aryan who is also has come completely now. The new Aryan who has arrived. Now whoever is through Naya Aryan now wants to find out the truth. Ranveer is this trophy. You will get to see all the audience as well as you want to tell all the audience. 

Friends, Prachi may be right in a lie but Prachi gets it, yes her because the happiness that Prachi has got is all her happiness, it was her Prachi and the truth of Riya Riya's pregnancy is also coming to the fore soon. 

Who is Riya now? The biggest trick is going to be to separate Prachi and Ranveer as well. What is she going to do? Which am bomb is going to explode and at the same time now you will get to see here how it will harm. 

It will be more interesting for Prachi's child to see this. Friends, as well as more interesting, the story of the upcoming episode is going to be even more interesting.

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