Kumkum Bhagya 25th July 2022 Episode Written Update

Today Episode Written Telly Updats Kumkum Bhagya 25th July 2022 Episode Written Update

Aaliya has got an evil eye. On Ranbir and Prachi's child, Ranbir and Prachi's child who is growing up in Prachi's court, now Alia is going to kill him. Effort is going to cross all limits. 

Where the doctor, who is the doctor who is doing Prachi's treatment, is now going to buy the same doctor by paying money, and will try and buy a big conspiracy to kill Prachi's child through the same doctor. 

Big effort now will Alia succeed in her plans or will she not. Let us tell you in today's special report. Friends, Prachi who is here has become pregnant. At the same time, Riya got a big setback and even between Riya and Aaliya, you became a me. 

Where is Riya? All the things that are going wrong with her on Aaliya, she put all the blame on Aaliya's head and at the same time she says Aaliya Alia booji nothing can happen to you. You are an idiot, you are seen saying all these things. At the same time, Alia who is Riya is accused and says that you do not have brains, you are dabba dabba in the name of mind. 

But now Aaliya is also in love with Riya who is. Now Aaliya is in love with Riya so she will want to make Riya win and to make Riya win Prachi will go out of her way and clear Riya's path completely and Prachi's children here to clear Riya's way. 

Killing Aaliya will become very important to you and Aaliya will be seen doing the same and Prachi, who is getting the doctor to get the treat mint, is now going to buy the same doctor by paying money. Try yes Alia which is a big conspiracy. What a big effort it is, it will be seen doing it.

 And by giving money to this doctor, she will be seen saying that you harm the child who is going to be Prachi's child and you kill Prachi's child, kill her in the box. She is going to be seen saying what this thing is and at the same time she is going to say that it should not be what the Kanokan news is. 

And at the same time she also says that she will also be seen saying that the child who is going to be Prachi's child should be completely in the stomach and show it what you have in the form of an accident, now you show how you will show, how not Will show it depends on you what these things are. 

Aaliya says to the doctor, now I want to tell you friends, will the doctor accept Aaliya's words and who will be the biggest father. Prachi and Prachi's future child will be quite intrigued to see this. Friends, the story of the coming Kumkum Bhagya is going to be very interesting. 

It is going to be very interesting to watch the upcoming episodes as well as a lot of bangs filled with too many tryst interns. Now Riya is also going to try from her side because Riya is now alone because she is not getting Aaliya's support because whatever Aaliya will do now she will do it completely stealthily. 

Now here Riya, being completely emotional, crying while crying, she is not one to sit quiet easily so quickly, then she will definitely do something. But yes it will be very interesting to understand what it will do.

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