Kumkum Bhagya 30th July 2022 Written Update, Kumkum Bhagya 30th July 2022 Episode

Today Episode Written Telly Updates Kumkum Bhagya 30th July 2022 Written Update,  Kumkum Bhagya 30th July 2022 Episode

Prachi's baby shower rituals have started. Now Prachi and Ranbir's love is going to win during the Godbharai rituals because now the plan of Riya, Alia as well as Pallavi here is going to be a complete flop and Pallavi even though she does not want to in front of the world. 

He has to make a big announcement. Let us tell what is going to happen in the upcoming episodes, first of all, friends want to tell you that a big puja has been organized for Prachi's child in the polyhouse in the house as well as this baby shower in a way. 

Where Prachi is going to meet. Yes and dida who is very excited. Ranvir is very happy and Ranvir is so happy, so happy that there is no limit to his happiness here. 

Very excited, falling, studying and here he is like a child who is going to become a father but he has completely become a child and at the same time seeing all this Prachi is also somewhere He is happy and Prachi is also feeling happy here. 

Now want to tell you friends, what will happen here? How is Pallavi going to lose now? Pallavi doesn't like Pallavi, Pallavi doesn't like it at all. 

He never said in front of the world that Prachi is his daughter-in-law, but because of the child, who is with Prachi, who is trying to have a loving relationship, which is Pallavi as well as mother-in-law, not a mother but a mother. 

is trying. Now want to tell you here that in front of the whole world, she will be seen saying that Prachi is the best.

 Prachi is the best and she should feel like it does not mean that she is absolutely right, then she will be seen expressing this in front of the people of the world. So the same Riya and Alia, no matter how much they are with Pallavi, but Riya has a habit that whenever a person grows up in front of her, she is praised, she will not be able to tolerate it at all. 

Now here she is going to make some such mistake due to which Pallavi will have to face the biggest defeat here and Pallavi's drama will also come to the fore and Riya's pregnancy which is false pregnancy is about to come to the fore. 

If not today then tomorrow whatever is there will come and at the same time one more thing you are telling us what our sources are, they are saying that whatever is there by calling CIDCO, whatever is there from Bangalore will be called. 

Kohli is there and all these things are going to happen simultaneously, so the content that is there will continue to be available to all of you viewers and there are many things that all of you viewers will see. 

Kundali Bhagya means in the story of the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya, the story is going to be basically interesting. New new stages, new modes will come. But even if Pallavi is right here, but in front of the people of the world, she has refused. 

Prachi is his daughter-in-law, but the lie given to her is right for the hilt, but the respect that she should have given to Prachi, if not Pallavi, then all of you viewers will get to see these things. It's going to be fun. Friends and the upcoming episode is going to be great.

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