Kumkum Bhagya 3rd August 2022 Episode Written Update, Kumkum Bhagya 3rd August 2022 Written Update

Today Episode Written Telly Updates Kumkum Bhagya 3rd August 2022 Written Update,  Kumkum Bhagya 3rd August 2022 Episode

Pallavi and Riya are about to come face to face and there is going to be a big fight between Pallavi and Riya. On one hand, where Pallavi wants to get her future grandson through Prachi, she wants to tell you. 
Now what is part of Prachi, Riya wants to kill the child who is going to be Prachi's child and due to this, both are going to come face to face with each other and both will be seen fighting a big fight with each other. 

What's going to happen in the special upcoming episode? Let me tell you the whole thing. Riya is slowly starting to doubt Pallavi. Pallavi is starting to doubt that what is Pallavi doing and what she wants to do and what she wants to prove. 

Believe that she wants the child of Prachi and Ranveer and that's why she kept Prachi in the house but now why is she showing so much love, so much love, Riya has doubts about this thing now completely care Rhea will ask for it and Pallavi will be seen giving care to all these things and she will be seen speaking. 

I want Prachi and Ranveer to become one and the love between the two will increase more because love will increase between these two, love will flourish, only then the eyes of anyone who is on your side will not go away. This thing will be seen explaining what it is, but want to tell you that something else is cooking inside Riya's value. 
Now what is that slang process, want to tell you? Riya Jaan has made such a thing due to which the child who is going to be Prachi and Prachi will go away from Ranveer's life forever or both of them will be completely destroyed while living in Ranbir's life. 

Now she is making such a plan. Now Pallavi has made another plan on the other side that she will not do anything to Prachi until Prachi gives birth to her child. Pallavi has taken up the responsibility of Prachi's complete safety completely to Prachi.

 But now Pallavi's plan will happen after a long time, neither there is a thing called travel from Riya to Riya, nor is Riya who is completely disobeying Pallavi, there is a big problem here, they create Will be seen But this problem which is created will happen but this is the problem. Will stand for Pallavi and Riya only, no effect will come because I want to tell you that here neither Riya will be able to succeed in her plans nor Pallavi will be able to succeed in her plans. 
Yes, there is going to be a lot of fighting between the two. Now who will get that fight, then I want to tell you. Ranveer was alone till now, so Ranveer was alone but now Aryan has also reached to support Ranveer.

 Along with Aryan, her face has also reached and Sahana Dida Vikram, these people are already supporting Prachi and Ranveer from the very beginning and they will be seen supporting them in future too. So now you will get to see that Prachi Prachi will be very happy in her place but now here Pallavi and the sister who is Pallavi i.e. 

Pallavi and Riya are both going to come face to face. So these are the things that all of you viewers will get to see. Friends, in the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya, the story is sounding very interesting.

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