Kumkum Bhagya 4th August 2022 Episode Written Update

Pallavi realizes her mistake, Pallavi asks Ranbir with folded hands and asks Ranbir whatever she wants to do with Prachi as well as Ranbir, Pallavi regrets because a big disclosure has happened in front of Pallavi. That Riya is not what she is. 

Now Pallavi, who is about to take a big step, is about to take Riya. Now here's to real regret. In the upcoming episode of Pal Liqui Ko Kya Hoga Hain special, let us tell you all about the whole thing to all the viewers. 

Friends, in today's special report, you are present in front of all the viewers with the update of the promo of the upcoming episode of M Kumkum Bhagya.

 In the upcoming episode, first of all, friends want to tell you that the old grandmother who is here by catching Riya's vein, is completely exposing Riya's every meaning to the lie because she has realized that Riya is not the point. And a sprint of the years, which is to the old grandmother, and while giving a spin of the years, the old grandmother has come to know that Riya is lying. 

The vein in Riya's hand does not tell the heartbeat of another being at all. Prachi is definitely going to become a mother and whoever is Prachi's child will become the lamp of this house, fortunes will change and she understands this completely. Now it tells the whole thing here and tells it directly to Dida. 

Then Pallavi listens to everything. That's why Pallavi is here and Pallavi is here. Here Riya suspects that Riya is lying somewhere, after which she will try to find out and find out whether Riya is lying somewhere here. After which Riya's truth will come to the fore. Riya's Polpatti which is about to open completely. 

After which, as soon as the truth of Riyas comes to the fore, Pallavi who is in front of Ranbir with folded hands and apologizing, she is going to say that whatever I have done till today and whatever you have, we both forget and at the same time she says that I Now I will not do any wrong with you because I have seen the truth, have seen the mirror and while speaking this, I am seen hugging Ranveer with folded hands, now here is Pallavi who is now not only Prachi But now she will start loving the truth as well. 

Slowly as well as you want to tell, or Kiriya, here the water is going to be completely roasted and turned into ashes. Riya would not have kept her guilt, but she would not understand that Pallavi has also become Ranbir's side here and Prachi's side. 

Now the whole family of Sara has become her side, so who will be on my side after all, thinking about this thing, she must be getting very upset and thinking that she will be cooking the casserole that I will kill. I will do all this to Prachi's child. 

But that would be a dream, she would not be able to kill because she would be afraid of leaving Kohli House. Now the fear of leaving the Kohli house inside Riya will come true? Will Pallavi really get kicked out?

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