Kumkum Bhagya 5th August 2022 Episode Written Updates Today

Dida's suspicion of Riya and Dida's suspicion which is completely transformed into confidence, then when Pallavi's friend made a big disclosure in front of Dida, Kiriya is not only a profit, after which Dida felt the biggest blow and told everything. 

The whole truth is that Ranveer and Ranveer got a lot of satisfaction and at the same time no one can stop both Ranbir and Prachi from becoming one now. 

In the upcoming episodes of what's going to happen special, we will tell all the details in full detail. Friends, in today's special report. In the upcoming episode, the friend who is Pallavi's friend, who has come from Patiala, is going to completely open Riya's polepatti here. 

Some people have completely doubted whether Riya is really on point or is she pretending to be pregnant. Because now Riya's activity is like this and by pressing the vein of Riya's hand, the grandmother here found out that Riya is not pregnant and she unknowingly said this thing in Dida's mind and Dida's mind. I put this thing in me and the doubt of Gita was already there. 

He already had doubts. Totally you also believed on the plant that Ranveer can never do this because Ranveer loves Prachi neither he can never think with Riya except Prachi. It was already there, but now when the truth will come in front of her that Riya is pretending to be a fake pregnancy, then there is going to be a big uproar here. 

Then Ranveer has to go and tell Dida and who will tell that here did you really have any relation between you as well as Riya? Whatever this thing is, she will be seen asking, she will be seen becoming a bold grandmother and she will be seen asking all this. 

Although Ranveer is confused but now here Dida will try to find out whether yaar Riya is really fake or not really pregnant. And the question remains about Prachi, who is Prachi who is very angry. Look and he feels that here Ranbir he cheated. Ranbir loved her but Ranbir who is living with Riya and gave Riya a walker. 

Ranbir is trying to do a double cross, thinking about this, he must be getting very upset, friends, but want to tell you the biggest twist all of you viewers will get to see that Riya's pregnancy too during a party function. There will be sports and there will be nocturnal sports, but I want to tell you that there will be a lot of ruckus here in a party function and Riya's cash will definitely come. 

Now on the other hand Priya who is completely at first will try to kill Prachi's child right in her dream but she will not be able to kill. Now here she is going to kill Aliya once again. Trying to kill is the biggest conspiracy but he will have to go against Pallavi because Pallavi has fully understood that nothing will happen in Pallavi's hands. 

Riya and Aaliya and anyone else would have understood because Pallavi has made that plan after thinking too far. Now on the other hand, there is a sports in front of Pallavi, Pallavi is completely mad about Riya's truth and Pallavi is unable to understand anything. 

So you are believing me and still planning and plotting Ranbir against Prachi and Prachi's child. But now the truth which is there will be revealed soon. Friends, and in this way, the question that was in Prachi's mind about Ranveer, Ranveer gave her the thing, will this also be completely removed.

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