Kumkum Bhagya 6th August 2022 Episode Written Updates Today

Aryans do. The biggest shocking revelation in the story of Kumkum Bhagya, yes, one will be seen making such a disclosure, after which the story will change completely. 

Ranveer M is going to completely slip away. Totally stunned as Ranveer felt that his mother had changed. 


Seeing the love of his mother, he was going completely blind. Ranveer But when Ranveer showed proof against Pallavi Aunty. Then Ranveer will not be able to believe his eyes as Ranveer will come to know that Pallavi Maa is still against Prachi i.e. 

my mother Pallavi Yeh Baat Jo Hai will start thinking that I will completely slip away. What is going to be the biggest setback will be going to tell all the things in full detail in the special coming episodes. 

Friends, in today's special report. Pallavi can do whatever she is to cash in as Riya's daughter-in-law. It means that she can do anything and that is why so much hint is being received where her fraud and bad grandmother also revealed this. 

She also disclosed that there is no child in Riya's stomach but also Pallavi who is there and is going to believe Riya only here and at the same time she is against Prachi. Still she wants to get that child against Prachi and after getting child from Prachi she will remove Prachi. 

By snatching the child from Prachi, she will put Prachi aside. Some people are now coming to know about this thing, as Dida has come to know, now Dida will try to find out about it, but Aryan is also going to know about it soon. 

A huge proof as well as he is about to come to know that Prachi who is Pallavi means Pallavi Aunty who is against Prachi. She does not love Prachi but she hates Prachi. Whatever this is, now Aryan will also understand. 

On the one hand, Aryan and Aryan who are slowly sitting in their hearts will fall in love with none other than Sahana and Sahana, and what he is against his mother, he will want to be seen because his mother is somewhere to Sahana. 

So she doesn't like it at all, but now she is slowly about to start the love love triangle she is. At the same time, there is also a big proof related to Pallavi Aunty, which is going to be found, here Aryan will tell what Aryan is, with all the evidence, here you will be seen revealing this in front of his son i.e. Ranveer. 

And this thing, he is going to say, he is going to tell and what is this change, he will be seen saying and all these things he will be seen speaking and it will be seen saying that your mother who is Prachi still likes Doesn't Something happened, is it Ranveer with Prachi? Will be seen telling all the things and it will be seen saying that mother mother did not want to let Prachi's child at first but suddenly she was completely changed and I was more happy. 

Whatever it is, he is about to say but Aryan will be seen saying in front of Ranbir that he has not changed yet. Whatever this thing is, he is going to say so many twists. 

There is a lot of turning point which all of you viewers will get to see in Kumkum Bhagya. The story is going to be more interesting, friends, how excited are you to see the upcoming episodes of the upcoming episodes. Please do let us know through your comment.

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