Kumkum Bhagya 7th August 2022 Episode Written Update, Kumkum Bhagya 7th August 2022 Today Episode

Rhea is about to leave to kill Prachi's child. The biggest trick is to team up with Aaliya Buzhi. 

But now it will happen to Pallavi here that Riya's hand is behind all this and Pallavi who is there will be completely reprimanded. Here Riya's as well as Riya's are going to make a lot of bond. 

So there Ranveer will not save his Prachi, but want to be closer, Ranveer is going to be seen in Ranchi and all the misunderstandings between Prachi and Ranbir are going to be completely removed. What's going to happen in the special upcoming episode? Let us tell you that in the upcoming episode, first of all, you want to tell all the viewers. 

Friends, in the coming bang episode, you will get to see Riya who is Prachi's account, seeing the date and everyone's attention towards Prachi is going to be completely stunned and she is going to do something that will help Prachi's child. The life that is there should be in danger. Prachi child dies in the stomach itself. 

But now what is here will go and Ranveer will save what he is, you will get to see. Riya who is a friend is very freaking out and here Prachi will be noticing everything about Riya. Pallavi and Pallavi will come to know that whatever is going wrong with Prachi, it is Riya who is behind it all. 

So now she will reprimand Riya and at the same time say that it is like that I want to do good to you and what do you want to do? I want to do you good and what are you doing? I just want you to get away from Rachi and Ranbir's life and will be away at the same time. 

Meaning both will come closer to each other then only you will benefit. Other wise you will not benefit at all. Riya So Riya what were you doing? You were trying to kill the Ranchi child. Don't you ever think like that. Speaking this, she is going to be seen reprimanding fiercely and at the same time she will be seen giving morning. 

You will find it very interesting to see no one else here but Riya. Friends, on the other hand, want to tell you that Ranbir and Prachi who is going to come closer to each other, where Ranbir who is going to kiss Prachi. 

By kissing, whatever misunderstandings are there, whatever was going on between the two for the past several days, it is going to be seen that it is completely clearing all the misunderstandings. So in this way the things which are there will be shown next. 

In this way, whatever the story is ahead, it will be seen increasing and all of you viewers will get to see a lot of bangs, they will get to see Riya's pan insi, till when will the truth come in front, it is yet to come. Which is a little time left but the story has become fun. 

Friends, now here Riya and Alia will remain calm by following Pallavi's words or are they going to make some new plans from their side, it is a matter to be seen.

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