Kumkum Bhagya 8th August 2022 Written Episode Update

After signing Riya on the divorce paper, Ranbir and Riya will leave the house. Kohli will leave him and you all know this thing, but now Kohli is going to be another person in Kentucky and that person is no one else but Prachi's demand i.e. 

Pragya Pragya who is about to come, Kohli is Seeing Pragya coming in that where Kohli is, tears are going to come out of Pragya's eyes, yes Pragya is going to be emotional, what is going to happen special in the upcoming episode and how will the whole twist of Sara be shown. Will explain in detail. Friends in today's special report. 

In the upcoming episode, Prachi will ask Ranbir to sign on the divorce paper, Ranbir will sign Ranbir on the divorce paper and will give the divorce to Riya, after which the truth of Riya's fake pregnancy is also going to come out and Riya who she is will also be completely exposed. 

Will open from there and Riya will also sign divers upstairs but she will say that I will definitely come to take revenge from you and she will leave from there. After this, Riya, who is Prachi, must be getting very emotional because she has never seen this form of Riya. 

After this, everyone tells you that Prachi is also Prachi's mother ie Pragya who is there, is going to come there. Yes, Pragya is going to come and she will be seen making many revelations with her. Pragya and Pragya will be seen saying that yes I have come, I have come for you son, whatever it is, she will be seen speaking. 

Where is Prachi who is completely shocked to see her mother healthy like this and at the same time she is going to ask that mother mother, when did you recover and I needed you the most but you were not in my life. Saying this, she will weep bitterly. Friends, there is going to be a lot of shocking revelations as well. 

In the upcoming episodes of Kumkum Bhagya, not only Pragya is but still going to return. That is, Abhi and Pragya have come from coma. Completely out and not out but he has also come to meet his daughter Prachi and Riya, Riya who has left Kohli yes. 

But that also means love for Priya, nor is Prachi's love for Ranveer as well for his daughter. But now here when those people will see that Prachi and Rang Priya who are different and Riya has not done anything right with Prachi, then when she learns then Diya and knowing about Prachi is going to be the biggest shock. Even Pragya will be completely conscious of whatever Pragya does. 

For the time being, it will be very interesting to see the re-union of both of friends Pragya and Prachi as well as want to tell you, you will also be shown a lot of love and how long will we know about Pallavi's intentions Pragya and Prachi will get Ranveer. 

It will be very interesting for Dida to see this thing to Vikram. Friends and many more revelations are going to happen. In the coming episodes, the story of the upcoming episode is sounding more interesting. There will be many more revelations that will be shown to all of you viewers.

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