Kumkum Bhagya 9 August 2022 Today Episode Written Update

FINAL E Prachi and Ranbir's fate is completely intertwined. When Prachi confesses that Ranveer is in front of Sahana, she loves Ranbir very much, she loves Ranbir very passionately and Ranbir also listened to Prachi's talk and listened to Prachi's talk. 

After this, Ranbir's heart became completely emotional and he could not control his emotion and gave a cute gift on Prachi's cheeks. What is going to happen is special in the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya, let us tell you the whole thing. First of all I would like to tell all the viewers in the upcoming episodes. 

Friends, in the coming banging episode, no matter how many misunderstandings Riya, Alia and Pallavi try to put between Ranbir and Prachi, here is a big good for Prachi. Nine is that Ranbir's love has not diminished at all and Prachi has accepted this fact. 

Now who is Prachi, Sahana will be seen asking Prachi that you love Ranbir, you love Ranveer, sometimes you hate what do you want in your family? Sahana asks this thing that Prachi is going to be more emotional than Prachi, nor will Prachi be emotional, but tears will also come out of Prachi's eyes and Prachi will be emotional and say that I love. I love I love Him. Whatever this thing is, he will be seen speaking. 

Here in front of Ranbir and after that I will be seen saying that I love Ranbir. I love Ranveer and want to be with Ranbir. But what Ranbir is means he is also Riya's husband. My sister also has a husband, he is also above her. 

Whatever this thing is, she is going to say, but now someone should go and explain to this skinny that Ranbir is also Prachi's or where is Prachi, but Prachi's Ranveer is also the husband, the first husband and there is a lot of modeling to be created here. being tried. 

Now what this is about should be understood. Now in this way, now Ranveer must be saying all these things here and Ranveer will be listening to all these things. Chori, Chori, Chupke, Chupke and Ranveer will be understanding all the things and Ranveer will go to Ranveer explaining all this. 

Will not go to anyone else but here to Prachi and Prachi who is on pulses is going to come at once, give a kiss and at the same time stand here in front of her. 

And seeing all this, she will be completely shy. Friends Prachi, Prachi will be completely shy and Prachi will have no place for happiness and Prachi will feel very much in a way because Ranveer has heard this. 

Now seeing all this, the emotional momin who is there is going to come. What is Sahana's goal is the final e Jo Hai that happened because Prachi and Ranveer did not get it. He had a goal and wants to tell you. 

Now it has come here, meaning it has come here. Aryan has also arrived. Aryan has also come, so many people who are now want to get Ranveer and Prachi together.

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