Bhagya Lakshmi 11th August 2022 Today Episode Written Update

All of you viewers will get to see the biggest twist in the upcoming episode of Bhagyalakshmi where a special puja is going to take place. Inside the Oberoi family in Bhagyalakshmi and now Sonia is going to do that special puja. 

The story as a whole is going to bring a huge twist and a huge earthquake. The stance of the story will be seen changing completely and there is going to be a shocking revelation and here the ground is going to slip completely under Neelam's feet due to Sonia's revelations. 

Where Neelam is going to get a shock of four hundred and forty volts, what is going to be special and which one will reveal that Sonia will tell you in today's special report in front of Neelam. First of all special would like to tell to all the viewers in the upcoming episodes. 

Friends, in the coming episodes you will get to see that while Rishi is giving a chance to Laxmi, loving Laxmi, believing in Laxmi and Lakshmi you don't need anyone else because whatever it means. Let everyone who is against Lakshmi. But the sage is now here with Lakshmi this is a good nine. 

Friends and want to tell you that Sonia is supporting Malishka here but now wants to tell you Sonia is about to change the story And in time Sonia will betray Malishka and will make shocking disclosure about Malishka here in front of Neelam. Because Sonia will be seen revealing this in front of Neelam, because Sonia, who is completely a major game changer, is going to come out, so this disclosure is happening. 

Friends, all of you will get to see the audience in Bhagyalakshmi, so in this way the trophy is going to be seen increasing. Friends, all of you viewers will get to see these things and want to tell you right there that what Durgadevi who is here will do. 

So Malishka is going to be completely during this special puja because during this special puja, the black truth of Malishka, which is in front of everyone, is going to come, then all of you viewers will get to see this trophy which is It is going to be more interesting. 

Friends, the update is looking interesting and what will happen in the upcoming episodes and whether anything special is going to happen. It will be interesting to see what all these things are.

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