Bhagya Lakshmi 13th August 2022 Episode Written Updates Today

Today Telly Update Bhagya Lakshmi 13th August 2022 Episode Written Updates Today, Bhagya Lakshmi 13th August 2022 Episode Written Updates Today

Malishka was afraid in front of Malishka's eyes, Rishi gave Lakshmi a face, then Rishi wore Lakshmi's neck, as well as now Malishka's sister is completely saved. 

Now Malishka, who is going to cross all limits to get Rishi, will team up with Balwinder and bribe Balwinder with the highest amount and persuade Balwinder to get Laxmi's accident here. What's going to happen in the special upcoming episode? Let me tell you all the things. 

In the upcoming episode of Bhagyalakshmi, you will get to see this friends, where Malishka's soil is completely corrupted here. Malishka is completely intimidated by all the people who are here. There is a sapphire on one side. 

On the one hand, what is your mother and on the other side there is Sonia, all the people who are there, they will put that you have to snatch the sage from the hands of Lakshmi, this thing will be completely put and Malishka means this thing to you. 

The fear that is there will come in the society and due to fear, she will make a big mistake. Want to tell you here Lakshmi will be Malishka and the family and sage who is in front of Malishka will wear Malishka and Malishka will be very happy but she is not for him but here it is for Lakshmi. 

And comes to Lakshmi and wears Lakshmi, now Lakshmi comes here. Lakshmi sees the sage who is making Malishka and when she gets angry then the sage goes and celebrates and makes her completely happy by refusing. 

Now seeing all this here, Malishka's condition is going to be very fulfilling because for so many days she was getting important but now she is going to snatch it completely. That sage is important, so now that sage will now go to Balwinder here to get Rishi and will tell Balwinder how much money you want. 

I will give you as much money as you want. But once the sage who is there comes to my hand then I will give you to you. 

While saying what this money is, she says that whatever you do, but remove Lakshmi from my path. After that Balwinder is what he is as usual. 

Whatever is in his mind is a devil, an idea that comes in his demonic mind and that idea is in such a way that whatever happens here, whatever happens here, the color that is there is completely present there. 

Means apply current. That is, to apply the electric eye is completely in vain and here so that Lakshmi touches that Kalash. 

If Lakshmi gets fond and dies and here Rishi and Malishka become one and the revenge is also complete, then in this way all the viewers will get to see the things as they are. It will be more interesting to see what will happen in the story of Bhagyalakshmi's upcoming episodes. Friends

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