Bhagya Lakshmi 14th August 2022 Today Written Episode Update

Strong slap on Malishka After Durga Devi kills Durga Devi who is Lakshmi's husband, Rishi will be slapped fiercely. 

Yes, Durga Devi is going to kill the sage of Lakshmi as well, and what will happen to Lakshmi is the biggest responsible for the accident that will happen with Durga Devi who is going to hold the sage as well as Malishka with Malishka. 

Describing the biggest reason, the sage is going to teach a lesson by giving a strong slap to the sage. Durga Devi what is going to happen now? After all, why is it because of Malishka that now the sage will get slapped on the cheeks of Lakshmi's husband by Durga Devi. 

Let us tell you all about this in today's special report. Friends, Durga Devi has already got doubts on Malishka and also Durga Devi who knows about Balwinder very well and forces Balwinder completely.

 Malishka who is wanted to get Lakshmi out of her way and she also cuts her plot when Balwinder who is here with the help of Kalash tries to give five to Lakshmi now nothing happens to Lakshmi, she would have died for Lakshmi. 

But Malishka's bhanda which is completely explodes in front of everyone and along with Malishka, what is Neelam, Kiran Sonia, the truth of all these people is about to come out. 

At the same time, I want to tell you that if Balwinder is caught red-handed, Durga Devi and Durga Devi will give Balwinder cheap here. Along with this, a strong slap will be given to Malishka. But after this I want to tell you friends, the biggest twist will come here. 

And that twist will be that the sage is about to reach the cheeks and she is going to say that if you had faith in Lakshmi from the beginning, then all these things would not have happened with your wife and at the same time you have too much faith in Malishka. 

And that's why Malishka appeared to be taking your faith unreasonably and that's why her courage went so far that she is doing all these things. 

You have been doing this feat since long, but you have not come to know about this feat till now. It is a matter of more surprise to me and it is a matter of wonder at the same time. 

Speaking these things, there is going to be a loud slap on the cheeks of the sage and he is going to teach the sage to everyone as well as the sage must have asked for it. It will be seen here in front of Durga Devi, so what is there in front of all of you viewers is going to come. 

Family is going to be interesting friends, what is interesting will be shown to all of you viewers and new modes non in the story which will be shown to all of you viewers as well as whatever it is, then the story is going to be basically interesting.

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