Bhagya Lakshmi 15th August 2022 Today Written Episode Update

Both Malishka and Balwinder are going to be seen in the upcoming episodes of Bhagyalakshmi. Yes, both will be arrested. 

Now here there are very big streams which are going to be imposed on Malishka and Balwinder on Malishka where full life imprisonment will now be sentenced as well as now Durgadevi who is here is going to be caught here. 

Now want to tell you Malishka and Balwinder is very clever. So after all, what is his mistake, which was caught by the child means Durga Devi, due to which he was arrested. Friends will tell this thing to all the viewers in today's special report. 

Want to tell you friends, after a special puja, where Lakshmi and Rishi will be doing aarti. Bhagwan means the total goddess or you can say that people who mean mouth are worshiping the god whom they love and after worshiping as soon as they go to lift the urn, only then Lakshmi grows up with Lakshmi. 

Accident happens as Malishka wants to get Lakshmi out of her way. With the help of Balwinder, now Balwinder is also there here. Balwinder is also present there and Durga Devi has also come there and the two Durga Devi understands that Malishka has not done all these things here. 

So now after all what such evidence was found, then friends want to tell you through CCTV footage that Durga Devi is going to reach Malishka here because now Balwinder was also here inside the house Balwinder undoubtedly sent his own, he had come by changing but She was talking about who she is again and again. Malishka is here to tell you not from anyone else but from Balwinder, so all these things are there. 

All these things of Sara turned into a footballer and with his help Durgadevi reached Malishka, and at the same time after arresting Malishka, Malishka was seen giving a strong slap and at the same time Durgadevi was seen saying that what is true. 

Our ancestors have said that only a woman is the enemy of a woman, you have proved today that what they say, they will be seen in it and they are going to shower slaps on Malishka and Malishka is going to teach a lesson to Malishka.

 Balwinder will also be arrested, now the mill of the jail will be seen as pistachio, that is, he will be behind the bars. Now both Malishka and Balwinder who are here are gone. That means going to jail. Now after this Neelam remains here and Kiran remains. 

So now these people, who are now completely planning to take out Lakshmi from her, look at doing what they are, because whatever is there in front of all of you viewers will be shown in today's special support. That's all

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