Bhagya Lakshmi 16th August 2022 Today Written Episode Update

You will get to see in the upcoming episodes of Bhagyalakshmi. Friends, Jahan will not believe Ahana's words at all. 

Rishi because Ahana is going to tell such a truth, connected with her mother as well as maternal uncle here, that is, connected with auction. After which it will be very difficult to force the sage here. But when the sage sees the evidence, the sage's senses will be completely up. 

Rishi will get the biggest shock, which decision will you Rishi take and how the story will change after Malishka and Balwinder go to jail, all these things are going to be told in full detail. Friends, in today's special report. First of all you want to tell you that mami ji means karishma, aunt as well as blue. 

Together these two have hatched a big conspiracy. Such evidence against Lakshmi and against Lakshmi means such planning is made that the prasad is done completely so that Lakshmi is accused and Virendra ji who is provoking and accusing Lakshmi completely omelette . 

But now she knows the truth. And what this truth is, she will be seen telling the sage brother and when she tells this truth to the sage brother, then she will not believe the things of the excuse. 

First of all, here the sage and the sage will be seen saying this, what is the proof of this? When the evidence shows, it is going to be completely spitti pitti gully here. Here the sage will be completely stunned and the sage will not be able to understand at all. My mother and maternal uncle who are here in the family can do this. 

Because I did not think so at all to Mami ji and mother, and on the other hand, now here now she will start to understand all the things that how the sage here will understand how the sage of all Everybody hates who they are. All the people who are there want to get Lakshmi out of the house. All the people who are there keep on troubling completely. 

It will not take long for Lakshmi to understand this thing now. After this, what decision will he take, which step he will take and what he is going to do and what he will do along with what he will decide. 

It will be more interesting to see this in the Oberoi family and for the time being, Durgadevi wants to tell you that what is the truth, it will remain to be found out, here Malishka has made the biggest conspiracy here and wants to get Laxmi killed here with Balwinder. Whatever this truth is, if it is not revealed, then whatever is there is going to be more interesting.

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