Bhagya Lakshmi 17th August 2022 Today Written Episode Update

In the upcoming episode of Bhagyalakshmi, the biggest revelation is about the relationship between Durga Devi and Pandit Badrinath. 

Yes, Pandit Badrinath and Durgadevi who have been doing the biggest drama since so many days and at the same time their purpose will now be seen being fulfilled.

 Now what is the relationship between them because the Maha episode which is going to be shown soon in the upcoming episode of Bhagya Lakshya Kiss as well as in that Maha episode will be shown to all of you viewers. 

Friends showed you the biggest twist here to all the viewers which is about to come and in that twist and that great episode, now Durgadevi who is here is going to call Pandit Badrinath and Badrinath is going to tell Pandit that Papa we have a lot of purpose. 

Too close. Now want to tell you that Papa is saying Durga Devi Durga Devi who is saying Papa, who came to do investigation, in cash she is saying Papa. Here Pandit Badrinath Pandit Badrinath cannot come here. 

Oberoi Yes, in that perhaps, to help Laxmi here, no one else but Durgadevi has sent her daughter. Whatever these things are, they can be shown, for the time being let me tell you friends, this is being shown to all of you viewers, what is Karan's shop, he is engaged. 

There is also a fake pandit, there is a real pandit, from where he is watching the meaning of pandit, but the fake pundit who does his work, that is, he does his work inside and at the same time, at the behest of Balwinder, the urn is here to touch. 

As it comes for it means that there is a holiday like Lakshmi and Lakshmi, then Lakshmi gets the shock of Karan. It seems like a hobby, now there Pandit now means there is a hobby and after that you will get to see friends here, sage and some of the whole family who are more scared after this incident. 

After this, now the inspector will come there Durga Devi and meaning Durga Devi will come and try to go under this case. Where Malishka and Balwinder are about to lift the veil from their faces. Friends, nobody else wants to tell you here but the biggest twist will be shown to all of you viewers and this twist is going to be shown to all of you viewers. 

So now here is how much one cycle you have to know to see the relationship of Pandit Badrinath as well as the Durga Devi who is here. All of you viewers who are there, you can definitely tell us through your comment. Friends, this is a very big update and the big update which is there is coming out. 

Now it will be more interesting to see whether Durga Devi has come as a messiah in Lakshmi's life or she has some other purpose here means it will be more interesting to see Pandit Badrinath and Durga Devi. That's all friends in today's special report

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