Bhagya Lakshmi 18th August 2022 Today Written Episode Update

To save Lakshmi's life, the sage will raise her. The biggest step will be to listen to your babuji Virendra ji and to revive Lakshmi completely. 

Here the sage who is there will come to Lakshmi and paste Lakshmi's photo with his photo and at the same time will be seen giving breath to Lakshmi. 

Yes, now this time in Laxmi, a huge audience will get to see the trust. When seeing all this, Malishka is going to be completely saved. Malishka will have to see all that she should not have shown. 

Now what will happen here, because of Malishka and Balwinder, it will come here on Laxmi's life, the best Laxmi's life will be in danger because the idea of ​​giving electric eyes was completely Malishka's and Balwinder who was on this It goes on because of which Lakshmi's life is in danger. 

As soon as you touch the urn, because it feels like a hobby, now what will you get to see here. So now here you will get to see that friends like Malishka, as soon as Lakshmi means she will be fond of it.

Lakshmi will then become completely unconscious. Lakshmi will have no senses at all. Then Virendra ji who is here is going to tell the sage that if you want to save Lakshmi, sage son, then you have to do this and what will you have to do. 

You mean your breath, you have to breathe what is in your photo, you have to breathe inside Lakshmi and only then Lakshmi's life can be saved because I see that Lakshmi is having more trouble breathing and you too The sage son who can save this thing, he will be seen saying what it is. 

Then the sage will be seen saving Lakshmi's life and what is there from his mother-in-law, completely like Chiranjeevi Ooty, who is inside Lakshmi will be seen breathing and will save Lakshmi. 

And after seeing all this, there is a complete escape for Malishka and Balwinder. Bond Malishka and Balwinder are going to lose their senses because Balwinder and I didn't even have to see this. 

Now in front of Malishka's eyes as well as in front of Kiran's here and Neelam's eyes here, this thing will be seen happening. Whatever happens from the photo, you will be seen mixing it, so now all of you viewers will get to see a big twist here. Whatever is in front of everyone's eyes will be seen doing something in a way. 

Rishi is the big step, he is the one who is going to take the sage. So these are the things that you all will get to see Bhagya Lakshya because the story is going to be very interesting in the coming episodes.

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