Bhagya Lakshmi 19th August 2022 Today Written Episode Update

Durgadevi is about to tell. The biggest truth here is not anyone else related to Malishka but Lakshmi is going to know such a truth, after knowing which the ground will completely slip under the feet of Lakshmi. 

Lakshmi will be fully conscious. Now what kind of disclosure is Durgadevi who is related to thirty. Let me tell you the whole thing. 

Upcoming Episode Vikas Now in the coming episodes, no matter how hard Malishka tries to save Balwinder, Balwinder and Malishka who is there with all the strings, are going to be completely murdered by Durga Devi. Along with this, I also want to tell you that Lakshmi will know before this. 

The big truth is that Lakshmi will come to know that the accident that happened behind her was an accident that was not done by anyone but Malishka. Because Ayush, who is here, will accept everything that is there. Meaning the owner will tell the truth of him and Balwinder. 

After this Balwinder tries to save the one who is here that Malishka will try to escape but will not be able to tell, now he will be caught by the police. Now after this I want to tell you that after the arrest here, the Durga Devi who is here is going to tell a lot of the truth which is there. 

And she is going to say that I have an old relationship with Malishka, an old relationship. Now Malishka doesn't know me but I do know everything that is about Malishka. This is what he is going to say. Now what is such a relationship between Malishka and Durga Devi, all these things are there.

All of you viewers will be seen in the upcoming episodes of Bhagyalakshmi. Friends and the story is going to be more interesting. Whatever is at the crucial stage is about to come, so all these things that are there will be shown in front of all the viewers and the story is going to be very interesting. 

Now what will happen next and how will it rock, here the full meaning of Rishi and Pura is the complete Oberoi House. After knowing this truth, some people are also saying that Durga Devi is not someone else's daughter but Pandit Badrinath's daughter. 

Now how much this thing is also true, all the things that are there will be worth watching and the story is going to be very interesting. How excited are you to see the upcoming episodes?

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