Bhagya Lakshmi 21th August 2022 Today Written Episode Update

Durgadevi is about to make a big disclosure related to Gautam. Ahana is going to make such a disclosure in front of Ahana, she is going to tell such a thing to Ahana, after hearing that Ahana's senses will be completely up. 

And on hearing the name of Gautam, Ahana who is going to faint completely. Who will reveal this now? Durgadevi and which new mode will come in the story, how will the story change, let us tell you all the things. 

Want to tell you friends after Balwinder and Malishka are completely arrested here Durga Devi will get a call and a call will come in which Gautam will be mentioned. That will be the mention of Gautam who is the fiancĂ©e of Aane Ka Aana. Now he will mention about Gautam and he will come to know about Gautam. 

Durga Devi that she has been arrested. And this thing which is Durga Devi who is well known and Durga Devi who is going to tell Ahana that who is trapped in a very big case. Gautam is further in custody. There are many allegations against Gautam and Gautam. 

Very big allegations have been made, after saying all these things, what is there, now the meaning will not be able to fully accept this thing because she has started loving Gautam very much. The heart is giving whatever is coming. 

However, after fully accepting the pregnancy of Gautam who is Aana, now the same Gautam wanted to go ahead with Aana. And after hearing this news of Gautam, hearing the painful story, it is going to be completely stunned here, Aana and Ahana will have to explain the same. 

Coming to all the family members, she will completely lose her senses, she will not lose her senses, but she is going to faint completely. Hearing this news that you are going to faint, now a new mode will come in the story soon. Durgadevi who is meant here will be seen doing a thorough case study. 

Now going to study the case of Oberoi family as well as the case of Gautam. Now it is not here that the new things that are there will be shown to all of you viewers. In Bhagyalakshmi, this story is going to be very interesting and on the other hand you will get to see Malishka's arrest. 

A lot of meanings, whatever it is, it is going to bring Rishi and Preeta Rishi and Lakshmi's fate, which is the final one, the fate of Rishi and Lakshmi will be seen, but now the trouble that will fall on Ahana, now the story is a new one. 

The country is going to be well known in a new dimension, so whatever the story is, it is going to be interesting. Friends, how excited are you to see the upcoming banging Msod. Friends, you must tell us this through the comment

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