Bhagya Lakshmi 22th August 2022 Today Written Episode Update

Durgadevi is about to invite the sage to her house, revealing a big reveal in front of the sage. 

Yes, seeing Rishi alone, he is going to invite Rishi to his house as well as there, he is going to surprise shocking revelations about the twenty-five years old truth which is going to tell Rishi what such truth is now, let us tell you I have known about the truth, I have come to know about the sage, Durga Devi, let us tell you in today's special report. 

In the upcoming episode, first of all I want to tell you that friends Durgadevi, that means all the truth that is here, she will know and taking Rishi alone and telling Rishi that I have something to say to you and I have to know one truth. 

You have to tell and if you want to go to that truth, then you have to come to my house because the evidence which is there is there, saying all these things, who is going to call the sage to his house. 

Durga Devi and Durgadevi who are there will run such a trip means that one will run such a video through which the sage will know the truth of his childhood, the truth of his mother's real parents. Yes, the sage will get to know what this is, because till then the sage felt that he was his real mother. 

But Neelam, who is not the real mother, will know what it is because this is the opening of the trophy sod. The night of revelations is about to come and on the night of revelations, you will know all these things here as well as the sage. 

Now the sage will know what is going to happen now. Now the veil will also rise from Neelam's face. Neelam's truth will also come out. She will also understand that Neelam has been cheating on her for twenty five years. 

Now after all Neelam was cheating, so why was she cheating? This is also a big question. This is also a big question. So what is the answer to all these questions. Slowly all you viewers will get to see what is there. 

Means in piso drop episode. In Bhagyalakshmi, the story is basically going to be more interesting. Friends, more phases of the upcoming episode are going to be completely filled with meaning. Now the same you here Malishka and Balwinder are also going to be completely murdered. 

Don't want to tell anyone else here but here what will happen to them now. It will be very interesting to see this in special upcoming episodes. How excited are you to see the upcoming episodes? Friends work through them, you must tell us this thing

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