Bhagya Lakshmi 23th August 2022 Episode Written Update

The real truth of Durga Devi is going to come in front of Neelam. Durgadevi, who is knowingly unknowingly, will be seen taking the name of Pandit Badrinath, and the relationship between a father and a daughter is about to happen. 

In front of Neelam, it is revealed in a very shocking way, after which Neelam will have a shirt on Durgadevi. Now what will happen in the upcoming episodes of the story and how will the story go ahead, all the things are going to be told in full detail, friends, in today's special report. 

In the upcoming episodes, first of all, friends want to tell you that in Bhagyalakshmi, you will get to see that Durga Devi who is here knowingly and unknowingly is going to tell such a truth and one such truth is the name of Pandit Badrinath. 

Will be seen taking The same Pandit Badrinath whom Neelam had completely asked to leave the house completely here, Neelam did not do the world at all on the words of Pandit Badrinath. 

The same will be seen taking the name of Pandit Badrinath, Durgadevi, because the relationship between Durga Devi and Pandit Badrinath, it is being told that there is a relationship between father and daughter and knowingly unknowingly this is the truth, the sapphire who tells it. in front of . After which Neelam will be completely shocked. 

What is on the side of Durga Devi will be seen looking at what is there in a different way. And asking so many questions, not to Durga Devi of mustard seeds and now this shocking revelation is what is going to happen in front of Neelam, then the trophy is going to be interesting. 

Friends, as well as the story of Bhagyalakshmi's upcoming episodes, you will also get to see that now there are many secrets that are going to come out, so out of that one lakh which is there will also be of Neelam because Neelam's son is the sage. No, this is the truth which is going to come out soon. 

So the story is basically going to be full of many interesting twists like this. But there is a plus point which all of you viewers will get to see what is there as well. And that is that the more Malishka tries to separate Laxmi and Rishi, the closer she will be seen coming. 

Lakshmi and sage Lakshmi and sage will gradually become each other and everything will happen which Malishka did not want, so this is a kind of fate. This trophy of Lakshmi and Rishi is going to be interesting, that's all friends in today's special report.

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