Bhagya Lakshmi 24th August 2022 Episode Written Update

Malishka, who is badly trapped in Ayush's trap, is now going to be completely face post because Ayush has gathered the biggest evidence which is there, what will happen against Malishka in the family and will anything special happen. 

Friends will tell all these things in full detail in today's special report. Want to tell you friends Ayush who is going to lay a huge trap against Malishka. 

Because Ayush has got doubts about Malishka, now this is what he has to confirm, now he will lay a huge net to confirm what he will do? So I want to tell you that here she will be seen giving with Lakshmi and she is going to give the responsibility of a big hotel to Lakshmi. 

There is going to be a lot of responsibility and all the preparation that has to be done for that person is all the cash of Sara, Lakshmi has to do. Ayush has given the responsibility over Lakshmi. 

Now Ayush's plan has been done here, so now Malishka's family is completely over there and she does all these things, she comes for Lakshmi and the sage also says that the wife is mine, so this is Lakshmi. Surely, whatever is there, it will succeed, now it does all the things. 

Now Ayush wanted to see here that Malishka does not mess up who she is and if she messes up, she will catch her red handed. Now here hotels go to hotels. Malishka, Rishi Lakshmi as well as Ayu all go to the hotel. 

Wherever all the items of Sara which are being prepared, there Laxmi goes and is leading in a good way and then there Malishka is thinking that your right place is your right place, this is it. After this, whatever food has happened, she is trying to eat by putting all these things in Namaz in the food. 

Malishka now catches him red handed right here. No one else but Ayush catches Ayush who is red-handed and Ayush not only catches red-handed but also does a sport to Malishka now Malishka who is completely trapped in the net. 

Now it has to be seen here that what is going to happen after this and which term and which condition will come, which will come here in Bhagyalakshmi. Friends, completely now there is going to be a sports here Malishka, yes Malishka who is completely will be seen as a sports.

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