Bhagya Lakshmi 28 August 2022 Episode Written Update

Will come from the biggest game of Rishi and Lakshmi. Malishka's biggest truth is Malishka, who is her own crime, she is going to be seen confessing in front of the Oberoi family and at the same time she is going to tell that yes, yes, I mixed the poison and because of me, whatever the condition is today. 

It has happened to those people because of me. Whatever this thing is, she is going to say, now how will all this happen? Let us tell you in today's special report. 

In the upcoming episodes, first of all I want to tell you that friends, Kumkum means in the upcoming episodes. In Bhagyalakshmi, you will get to see that on one side, where Rishi and Lakshmi, who are in a big problem, they are going to get trapped. 

Wherever Lakshmi is, she will also be arrested and however the faith of the sage will not work at all. Rishi and Laxmi who are towards Lakshmi, now all these things which are under a big drama, they are going to do what is the last truth, they want to find out what is Malishka herself from her drama here. 

What is your truth, it is going to come after accepting it, it is going to be face. Yes, Malishka who is there will be posted and she is going to say that yes yes I had mixed the city. Yeh baat hai he is going to say after which the biggest twist will come in the show. 

Yes, here Neelam, who is Neelam who is telling Lakshmi so much, that Neelam who is she will be seen telling completely falsehood to Malishka because now what is Malishka's truth will come to the fore soon and here you Durga Devi is also going to come back. 

From back she will en-tree and Durgadevi, which is the biggest means, will be seen giving the biggest punishment to Malishka and she is going to be fed all four here. 

Malishka and here is going to give the biggest shock to Malishka. Friends, none other than want to tell you that Neelam here and here Laxmi and Rishi both because of the game, which is very big here, their plot will be cute and because of which Malishka is going to be a sports. 

So in this way the story of Bhagyalakshmi will be carried forward. Friends, in this way the twist am which will be shown to all of you viewers. Along with this, you will also get to see this in the story of Bhagyalakshmi. 

It will be quite interesting in the coming episodes that now Rishi will also go behind the bars to save Laxmi. Yes, Rishi will also go behind the bars, where Rishi and Lakshmi means police, after having trust, you will also get to see their work. 

But it is also going to be the beginning of a game here which will completely turn Malishka's game into a sport. That's all friends in today's special report

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