Bhagya Lakshmi 30 August 2022 Episode Written Update

After Lakshmi went to jail, the shadow of Markesh Dosh once again hovered over the sage. Rishi's life was once again in danger. 

Now who will save Rishi and how? How will the sage get Lakshmi out of jail by saving his life? You want to tell this thing to all the viewers, friends, in today's special report. Friends, whatever is the life of Rishi, he is going to study in danger. 

First of all, I want to tell you that Laxmi has to be told that the policemen will come inside the house and the policemen will take Laxmi to the ground and here Malishka's plan which is completely successful will be seen. 

Now here I want to tell you what Malishka wanted, Malishka is what she is, everything is happening now Lakshmi will be arrested and then Rishi will not be present inside the house there. Along with this, you will get to see this friends, now as soon as the sage will go out and arrest Laxmi like the policemen, now there is a ruckus of Neelam here, it will start. 

Neelam who is there will be seen creating a ruckus and at the same time she will be seen saying to Virendra ji and the rest of the family that now Lakshmi has a lot here, now Lakshmi's bay. Now no one will talk about Lakshmi in this house and no one will go to save Lakshmi. 

And family warns Aayush. Because the age which is here is on the side of Laxmi, Neelam is well aware of this and Neelam, knowing this, warns Ayush, along with this, the sage who is here will be more upset because he will be arrested here now. 

Will be Rishika Right here and the sage who is under the help of market defect, who is the sage, now he means his accident and he will faint and he will fall. Now all these things which are there, now Lakshmi is also going to realize. Lakshmi is about to realize that the life of the sage here is in danger, in danger. 

Now if the life of the sage is in danger, then now I can't even have a child outside here and I can't even have a child. While saying what this thing is, she will be seen thinking that friends, so now how will she save the life of Rishi here and how the sage who is here will get Lakshmi out of jail as soon as he regains consciousness. 

It will be more interesting to see friends, in today's special report as well as many things which are there, all of you viewers will get to see in this way. So the update of the upcoming episode is sounding great.

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