Bhagya Lakshmi 6 September 2022 Episode Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 6 September 2022 Episode Written Update, Bhagya Lakshmi 6 September 2022 Todaye Full Episode Written Update

Malishka's broken pride Rishi was seen shattering Malishka's pride because Rishi proved in front of his family members through CCTV footage that all the allegations against Lakshmi are completely baseless and Lakshmi The biggest thing to de fame is that Malishka was not made, 

it will prove it completely and the step taken by the sage for Lakshmi is more strong than what it is, it will come out now here for Lakshmi. 

Here all the family members who are there will be seen uniting and Malishka who is here will be seen pleading for a minute with folded hands and utterly falling at the feet of Neelam. Because that means the truth of Malishka here has come to the fore. What is going to happen special in the upcoming episode, let us tell you friends about everything. 

In the coming episodes, first of all I want to tell you friends, in the coming episodes you will get to see that now Rishi who is here means that the first thing to be done here completely will be to get Lakshmi to bail Lakshmi and to get Laxmi to be webel. Will give it.

 And who is after that. Ayush and all the friends of the hotel will take the help of those people there and will scan the CCTV footage there and what is there in the CCTV footage, here Malishka's face will be clearly visible and the CCTV footage will come from big Truth . 

Yes, the truth of this is going to come out from the CCTV foot. As soon as Malishka's truth comes out, a big disclosure will be made. Friends, there will be a big disclosure and all the people who are Malishka's reality will be exposed to the truth. After which Malishka who is there will be seen telling everyone that don't send me to jail. 

Don't send me to jail and you will be seen saying this thing and she is going to ask for tax on feet and also from Laxmi, here Malishka toh big drain macho all of you viewers will get to see Bhagya Laxmi's story in the upcoming episodes. Now here Malishka had adopted a very big path, she had adopted Lakshmi here, but she could not do anything for Lakshmi. 

Lakshmi is far away but yes there is a little problem, Lakshmi and Rishi face are different from others, so that is why there is a little problem, this thing will also be well known now and here Malishka and Malishka who are warn There are also those who do, they are threatening and they are also going to give the worst punishment. 

On this action of Malishka with Rishi and all the family members, yes this trophy will be shown to all the viewers in the sod.

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