Bhagya Lakshmi 7th September 2022 Today Episode Written Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 7th September 2022 Today Episode Written Update, Bhagya Lakshmi 7th September 2022 Today Full Episode Written Update

The sage is going to show the biggest proof related to the innocence of Lakshmi, after which Neelam's anger will go to the seventh sky after seeing Kiran ji. 

Yes, Kiran's respect is going to be wired, where Neelam will refuse to accept Malishka a lot, yes Neelam will take the biggest decision after showing Rishi's big evidence, what will happen in the upcoming episode, let's tell you. 

The whole thing. First of all special would like to tell to all the viewers in the upcoming episodes. Friends, in the upcoming resode, you will get to see that Rishi, who is here, will be seen fulfilling the promise he has made to Lakshmi and he is going to prove his complete innocence. 

It will prove in front of his family members as well as in the police station that all the allegations against Lakshmi are completely false. Malishka who is the real culprit, now as soon as Malishka's talk is known, no one else here but Neelam will take Neelam. 

Very big decision and no one will be able to come against Neelam's decision and Neelam who is here will fully support Lakshmi and Malishka who is completely respected. Before this, Malishka's mother Kiran, who is there, takes Malishka and goes in front of Neelam and says that you have to make Malishka the daughter-in-law of this house. 

After this, Neelam, who is on this matter, will be seen saying that Kiran ji's respect will be seen speaking while speaking that if I should not make Malishka the daughter-in-law of my house here, then should I not even make a maid. Whatever this thing is, she will be seen speaking and she will be seen giving a big shock. 

Now what will Malishka do, what will Kiran do and what will her plot be cute now and here the way Kiran was afraid, the same thing happened and here Malishka was completely defeated and at the same time want to tell you that she won here In the fate of Lakshmi and Rishi, 

the love of Lakshmi and Rishi is becoming so much power in the love of Lakshmi and Rishi that she can do whatever she has to anyone, whatever her enemies are and here once Then those who win and win, they lost Malishka Here once again Malishka lost. 

Here once again, along with the defeat, which is once again won by the love of Lakshmi. Now Lakshmi will be seen taking revenge for every tear. Rishi and here Neelam will also be seen taking a big decision which is alter mit li.

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