Bhagya Lakshmi 9th September 2022 Tv Episode Written Update

Today Episode Bhagya Lakshmi 9th September 2022 Tv Episode Written Update, Bhagya Lakshmi 9th September 2022 Full Tv Episode Written Update

Malishka is her own self. Now slowly whatever is there, she is going to lose and losing her temper, Karishma is going to accuse the aunt who is the worst. After which Karishma Bua is also going to come. 

Anger and Karishma will be seen supporting Bua who is Laxmi and is going to insult Malishka. What's going to happen in the special upcoming episode? Let me tell you the whole thing. In the upcoming episodes, first of all I want to tell you that friends, you will get to see this in the upcoming episodes. 

On the one hand, where Lakshmi has been completely convinced by the sage and the sage who is soon to be redeemed and who is about to gather evidence of Malishka. Now here the sage who is there will collect evidence against Malishka and as the sage will be seen collecting evidence against Malishka. 

Malishka Jo Hai will be seen as your own and Karishma will be seen shouting at bua and will be seen saying that your husband was such that he was saying all these things, because of which you are angry with Karishma bua.

 Will go to the seventh sky and Karishma bua who is vigorously slapped Malishka and at the same time Malishka is going to slap you and say that Lakshmi who was here was absolutely right, Lakshmi is not even equal to the dust of your feet, where Lakshmi did you Never insult me ​​that my family is never insulted and you are insulting my family. 

Saying what this is, Karishma bua turned against Malishka and is going to support Lakshmi, now here after Ayush, now Karishma bua is going to realize her mistake and first of all Karishma bua who is now If she is going to be seen supporting Lakshmi, then this is going to be a big blast. 

Friends, in the upcoming episode of Bhagyalakshmi, the updates of the upcoming episodes are sounding great. How excited are you to see the upcoming episodes? Friends, you must tell us this thing by commenting and at the same time want to tell you now. 

On the other hand, now here you will get to see that the sage who is a sage will also go against his mother and his meaning will go against his mother and go against his mother and collect all the evidence that is there. 

He is going to do it and collect all the evidence against Malishka, but Malishka means to do a sports completely, so now here Malishka is going to eat all four. 

Malishka will not be able to eat all four, but her real truth, real complexion, real identity is about to come to the fore and here Neelam can take a big decision and Karishma aunt can also take a big decision, here the real truth After knowing what it is, then it is a big bang. You will get to see all the viewers.

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