Kumkum Bhagya 10th August 2022 Today Written Episode Update

Riya got the biggest punishment for her deeds. Neither Prachi, nor Pallavi, nor Ranveer nor Vikram nor Dida will get any support now. 

Now Riya is what she is in a way as well as all the other people of the house, she is supporting Prachi, on one hand, yes, now Riya is going to play here completely pungi, yes, all of you are going to see the audience. will get .

In the upcoming episodes of Kumkum Bhagya the biggest M as well as now the final truth which is related to Riya's fake pregnancy is also going to come out as if we want to tell you all the truth will come out. 

The whole people who are there will be completely dismissed. Riya and Riya will be left completely alone. Along with studying alone, there will be tears in his eyes because he thought of bringing tears to Prachi's eyes. But now you must have heard that thing here. 

You must also know that saying, fill it as you do. Now the rain to fill it has come. What is going to happen to Riya special in the upcoming episode, let us tell you the whole thing. 

Friends, the whole truth is about to come in front of Bhaiya, Pallavi will come in front of Pallavi and as soon as she comes to know that Riya is not the point and there is no one else to give rain to this house but Prachi, then stop Prachi from going what she has. 

Degi and Prachi will be seen talking softly and mean things and completely their attitude will change and Riya's attitude will change completely. 

Now already Ranbir Vikram who is he was supporting Prachi and he will be seen supporting Prachi even further Ranbir will do it here, because of this too Riya is going to become more weak and Riya who is there will also be seen threatening that Prachi will kill your child and I will come back in your life. 

If this thing is also threatened by her, then Prachi is also more angry here because her child did not come, friends, now after this you will get to see Dida who is now Prasad means worship will be done for Ranbir and Prachi to be happy. Now after this you will get to see that there will be a lot of happiness. 

Much happiness will knock. Now worship will be done here and after offering worship, what is there after worship, now the prasad will be distributed with all the people. And when Riya is told, Riya will be completely different, separate and alone. Friend must have been alone, Riya is here completely. 

Now whatever their problem is, they are going to move forward. Now she will not be so soon and neither will she be able to do so soon because now she has become a complete unity, isn't it? Now Unity has been created, due to which she will not be able to do black fire at all. 

Friends, in the story of Kumkum Bhagya, whatever is there from one side is being defeated. Riya is getting defeated from all sides. Whatever is there, it will fall from every side. You will get to see all the viewers.

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