Kumkum Bhagya 11th August 2022 Today Episode Written Update

Riya made such a big mistake that Riya completely made a spectacle in Kohli House, while Pallavi also made Riya in front of everyone, completely a sports and called the policemen in the house. And the policemen who took the Oscar and went to Riya. 

Now Riya who is in jail is going to be seen grinding the mill. And Prachi and Ranveer's love has got a new name, what is going to happen in the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya, let us tell you the whole thing. In the upcoming banging episode, you will get to see that Ranbir who is Ranbir will try to go near Prachi and will try to stop Prachi. 

And will be seen proposing completely to Prachi and Rhea is going to be completely shocked seeing this. Riya's psychic is completely open, after which she will be seen giving badua to Prachi, not Prachi but Prachi's child and is going to beat Prachi who is and even kills Dida. 

And seeing all this, what is Ranveer, Vikram, the anger of all the people will burst completely and Prachi knows that Ranbir, who is Ranveer, is not his father here. This means that the child who is studying in Riya's coke does not have a father. Ranbir could never do that, he also came to know about this. Prachi and Prachi also come to know that Riya is pretending to be. 

Pretending to be a fake pregnancy and also Pallavi. Whatever this is, it is going to be understood. After which she will see that as soon as it means to her in Pallavi's mind it is also there that if Prachi leaves the house then there will be a big ruckus. There will be a big uproar. Because once Prachi leaves the house, then the child who is there will not even come. 

So what is this way, now that too a new twist, one means that she will have to support Prachi even if she does not want to know or unknowingly, and will support Prachi and take out Riya, who pushes Riya out of someone's truth. When she comes to the front, Riya and Riya will be seen saying that what are you threatening. 

I leave you to Prachi and I take full meaning that you will never be able to come out of jail now, no matter how much your sense of yours, your special people, who are your special people, those people, no matter how much they save you Why not try but you will not be able to get out. While speaking this, she will be seen threatening and is going to call the policemen in the house.

 After which the cops will be seen arresting and pushing and kicking Kohli, yes, it will not be a dream for Riya. Friends, many people are asking us whether it will be a dream or if it will happen then it will not be MT. If you want to tell this thing also, then it is a trophy in this way, it will be shown in future. 

The story is about to get more interesting, interesting and fun and Prachi and Ranveer's love will get a new name right now. If their love and their love will prevail, then whatever they are, they will be shown. In the coming episodes, the story is going to be basically interesting.

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