Kumkum Bhagya 12th August 2022 Written Episode Update

Ranveer foils his mother Pallavi's biggest cause. Yes, did not let Pallavi take the custody of her child as well as give the biggest hand to Prachi here. 

Yes, all of you viewers will get to see the biggest twist in the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya. Where Pallavi has made the biggest move, she has done it. On one hand, she will be seen doing the biggest trick by laying Mamta's shade. 

The biggest conspiracy has been hatched to separate Prachi and her child and after nine months she will push Prachi out of her child, she will distance herself from him and at the same time she has made this plan. You have even separated Riya from Prachi and Ranveer. 

The biggest sacrifice is what she has done Pallavi but now want to tell you what is the motive of Pallavi, what is the motive which means that the purpose of separating Prachi and her child will not be completely successful because Ranbir who is here now But will do anything to save not his wife but his child and something like this will happen. 

What will happen after nine months? Let us tell you in today's report. In the upcoming episode, first of all I want to tell you that here Pallavi has undoubtedly planned a big conspiracy against Prachi and her child by thinking very far away. But now Pallavi's plan will not happen in a proper way. Defeat will tear Riya apart. 

Will push Rhea out so that Rhea will come out only then Prachi and Ranbir will come near each other and Prachi who is there will decide to stay because if Pallavi does not do this then Prachi will leave the house and Prachi will go home once If you leave, then your future face will be completely washed away. 

Pallavi That's why Pallavi along with Rhea made a huge plot to make Prachi stay in the house. Riya is thrown out of the house. 

Now he has done all these things. But now want to tell you that Ranveer and Prachi who are happiness are about to come because now there is no witch named Riya in Prachi's life, now all the things will go in Prachi's favor but when nine months later when Prachi would have given birth to the child and would not have given it and when she would have given, when she shows her love for her child, then Prachi will be turned away by Pallavi. 

But want to tell you friends, after this, whatever is there for study, that fight will also be started. Prachi will be chased away by using a launcher once again on Prachi. 

But want to tell you that Pallavi will not be able to overcome because Ranveer is with Prachi. Prachi has Ranveer's support and Ranveer will be seen giving that to Prachi and he doesn't want the mother to be separated from her child because what is there is going to be shown to all of you viewers.

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