Kumkum Bhagya 14th August 2022 Today Episode Written Update

 Aaliya showed her real avatar, showed silver form and Pallavi after seeing silver form, tears are coming out of her eyes, yes, she is seen taking revenge of Riya. 

Now Alia as well as here is going to remind Pallavi what was done years ago by Pallavi and Alia and that thing is related to Ranbir, yes Ranveer is going to be a big reveal. 

Friends, what will be revealed in the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya, let us tell you friends about everything. In the upcoming episodes, first of all, I want to tell you, friend, you will get to see this in the upcoming episodes. As all of you viewers know that Pallavi is here now. 

Going against Riya and Aaliya, she wants to make Prachi stay in the polyhouse and this is what she does not want at all, neither does Aaliya nor Diya and here Riya is sacrificed by Pallavi, due to which Aaliya is not at all happy with Pallavi's discipline. 

Now Aaliya is going to show Pallavi the form that Pallavi has not seen before and Pragya has seen Abhi. Now what is going to be done like this, then friends want to tell you, now you will be seen completely setting fire here. 

Pallavi and she will be seen saying that I know Ranbir, the Ranveer you are doing all these things, is Ranveer not your blood. Whatever this thing is, it is about to be told and at the same time it is a big disclosure. In the upcoming episodes of Kumkum Bhagya, she will be seen doing what she is and Alia will be doing what she is. 

Where Pallavi who is on one side is going to be completely emotional after listening to all these things. Tears will flow from her eyes and at the same time she will cry bitterly. Because she loves Ranveer very much. But when Ranveer comes to know about this, Ranveer will be more hurt. 

She must be getting more upset thinking. Now Alia who is here has started showing her true form. Now Pallavi has done what she had to do. Prachi had to stop cursing. She has stopped and will hit Prachi after nine months. 

She has said this but no one is believing her words or else Alia, Riya and Alia feel that Pallavi is double crossing them. So Riya is not doing anything but now Aaliya will do all the things. Now Alia who is showing her silver avatar is going to disturb all the people more. 

Now all of you viewers will get to see that look of Alia, which you have never seen before. Haven't seen Pragya before. 

Abhi has seen that means that Prachi and Riya's parents have seen it. But now she will be seen showing what that avatar is and what is in it will also be associated with Vikram. 

Alia is about to reveal some important revelations, so what these things are will be shown in front of all of you viewers. 

The twist and turn is what is going to come, so what is this big thing, it will come out. Friends and many more videos that will be shown to all of you viewers in this way.

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