Kumkum Bhagya 15th August 2022 Today Episode Written Update

War is going to be seen taking revenge on Prachi in the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya. Riya is not going to spare even Riya and Pallavi, she will be thrown out of Riya's house. 

Kohli will be kicked out of the house but as soon as he goes out, he is about to start taking his revenge for what he is. 

And first of all, Pallavi will be seen taking revenge because now here Pallavi has to be completely exposed and how will she expose Pallavi, then I want to tell you friends, meeting Ranveer and listening to such a recording of Pallavi mother to Ranveer. Going on, now the bandage of Mamta in Ranbir's eyes will be completely opened here. 

What is going to happen like this, what is going to happen, let us tell you the whole thing. Food is the first thing I want to tell you in the upcoming episodes. Friends, you will get to see this in the upcoming episodes. Riya will be kicked out as Rocky is about to face the truth. Now Pallavi is mother, first she will think this. 

Riya should get what she has and after nine months someone will get what she has. But as soon as the good time comes, then that is completely. Riya will push whoever is here and throw them out. Pallavi will now be seen here taking the first revenge on Pallavi and she is about to listen to the recording. 

The recording in which Pallavi mother is saying that I will also kick Prachi out of the house because I do not like Prachi who she is but want her child and I do not want anything except the child. After nine months, I will push her out, she is going to be seen narrating what the matter is. Friends, do not want to tell anyone but here. 

Meaning here you will be seen narrating what Riya means, here it means Ranveer, after narrating it to Ranveer, here you will be seen making this planning plotting to take revenge on Pallavi. There is no one else here but Riya, it will be more interesting to see how Ranveer will rock here now. 

Friends and how the story will proceed, it is also a matter to be seen. Friends, there are many m's which will be shown to all of you viewers in the upcoming episode of Means Kumkum Bhagya. Now how will Ranveer behave here because the truth of his mother is also going to come out in front of him. 

Her mother who is she wanted a child and because she is asking for age from Prachi, that's why she is pretending. Now what this truth is, it is going to be understood, here it is going to be known. Friends, now what will happen here, and how is the story going to move forward. 

It will be interesting to see what is more and if we talk about the love of Prachi and Ranveer, then the love between these two will be seen growing even more and it is going to be seen flourishing even more. And there's a lot more fun to be had.

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