Kumkum Bhagya 16th August 2022 Today Episode Written Update

Riya's real face has come. In front of Pallavi, Pallavi got angry on Riya and went on to slap Pallavi on Riya. But Aaliya stops it as well as Aaliya and Riya are united to insult Pallavi badly. 

What's going to happen special in the upcoming episodes and that's all the truth. How will Riya come out in front of Pallavi here as well as what is going to be a bang-up tree. In Kumkum Bhagya, all these things are going to be told in full detail. 

In Kumkum Bhagya you will get to see as if all of you viewers know that till now Pallavi did not know the truth of Riya but what is the truth of Riya in front of Pallavi will come when Riya who is on Divorce Paper Will sign it but the divorce paper which is there will be torn completely. 

That is, the plan of Pallavi to get fake divorces done through fake divorce papers, Riya and Ranbir will be seen flopping completely because Riya and Alia have no doubts at all. 

Means do not believe at all on Pallavi and she will sign completely on the divorce paper but she will tear and throw Pallavi's on Pallavi, now Pallavi will be seen saying that you have your own but now I will do mine and After this, Riya who is going to take out the Divorce paper means she will throw her face completely. 

Here on Pallavi and because of which Pallavi is going to get fierce anger and Pallavi will not be able to control her anger and will not be able to control it and at the same time she will have to slap Riya and like to slap If you raise your hand, you will get to see this. 

There Alia's friends will be able to stop Pallavi and at the same time she will be seen stopping Pallavi and saying that you are a big cheater, with all the things that are going to be there. Alia, this is Alia and Riya's Yeh Jo Hai Yeh Dangerous Ann Hai and at the same time, now here Pallavi means Pallavi has done what she had to do and Pallavi's plan has also completely flopped. 

And Pallavi's faith in Riya and Aaliya is also completely broken. So this is also a mouth. Good sign here for Prachi and for Ranveer. 

However, the horoscope and fate of Prachi and Ranveer has been made such that all the enemies that come, all the enemies go and all the enemies who try to fight, due to their relationship with Prachi and Ranbir, they either become automatic. 

That's what happened. Here the planning and plotting have been done a lot by Pallavi, by Riya, by Alia, but now what is between them seems to be a competition. 

So this is the am point which all of you viewers will get to see friends in the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya story. The story is going to be very interesting. 

There is going to be a lot of fun, along with a lot of twists, the story which is going to be very interesting in today's special report.

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