Kumkum Bhagya 17th August 2022 Today Episode Written Update

The real face of Vikram Banega Bin Pendi is about to come to the fore. 

Wants to take revenge from Ranveer and joins Pallavi with Pallavi, now Vikram who is there will try to separate Prachi and Ranveer, why will Vikram do this now? Let us tell you friends in today's special report. 

In the upcoming episodes, now I want to tell you one thing here. Friends, now here Riya and Alia are going to feel in a way that Pallavi who is here can cheat whoever is there at any time. 

By cheating them at that time, they can do Prachi here. Because she wanted a child from Prachi, didn't she? So if Prachi will give birth to a child with Prachi along with Prachi, then she will have to accept her mother too. 

All these things that are now being understood by Riya and Aaliya. So now Riya Alia who is here is going to be seen in full swing. Vikram and Vikram will also become a man plate by coming in their talk somewhere and here he will be seen taking revenge on Ranveer. 

He is about to be seen separating Ranveer and Prachi. Now how will he look here? Friends, how do you get this question going on in your mind that how they will provoke Vikram. 

So whatever was the dream project of Vikram, whatever is happening in the dream project, whatever is happening, whatever is being lost, whatever is given here and Alia will pick up what is there and Vikram has to take whatever is in his favor. are going to do. They are going to try and keep Vikram with them. 

Try as well as now here Vikram will be completely man late. Now you will get to see the other side of Vikram.

 You will get to see a side that you have not seen before. Now that also means Ranveer and Prachi will not be allowed to unite. He is also going to try to separate Ranveer and Prachi because after ult inmit li, Ranbir who is he was his son and Ranveer's son. 

And Ranveer who is paying attention to Prachi and whatever projects he has on his face, he is not able to pay attention at all to those faces. And because of this, what is here now Vikram is very furious, what is going to happen is going to happen here and now here he will also get the return of Siddha Bharat. 

Siddharth is also going to return and will have to bear a lot of humiliation here. Friends, here Vikram means what is in front of Vikram's eyes to Ranbir. 

Yes, this is also the trophy twist, which is also the turning point, friends, friends, if we talk about the story, it is going to be quite interesting because now here Vikram was the biggest partner of Ranveer and Prachi for so many days. .

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