Kumkum Bhagya 18th August 2022 Today Episode Written Update

With the return of Seed, the biggest mystery is going to be solved. 

Will change the whole style of the seed will become the biggest villain of Ranbir and Prachi's life How will the seat become the villain, as well as how the seat which is going to support Riya by following Riya's point of view. 

Friends will tell in full detail in today's special report. Riya who is here, what is inside Ranveer's heart, she will try to create what is in the midst of doubt and will say that the child growing in the ancient coke is not yours.

 Ranbir rather than Siddharth and after listening to the words of Siddharth and Siddharth, here Ranbir will be completely stunned and all the proofs Riya is going to show the marriage, all those false proofs, all the false proofs that are completely Will tear from and will tear. 

Not going to tear it down, but it's totally naughty here Ranbir. Now after this what you will get to see, after that you will get to see this. Friends, Ranveer is what is inside Ranbir, whatever Priya has put in the midst of doubt. 

Now to make her seem completely true as well as completely truthful, now here SID will be called and who will call CIDCO then here Riya is going to call Alia too and Riya is going to call Alia who is where the side will come Vikram Business to support in. But when we hear about all this uproar, then Siddharth will also be called in the house and will be called home. 

And all the people who are there will be where they want to tell you. Friends, Riya is going to accuse a lot but this time Siddharth who is there will completely change his tone and here instead of supporting Ranbir and Prachi, he will do the work of adding ghee to the fire. 

Why would you do this now? How has it become negative? How did he become a villain? This question must be running in your mind. So friends want to tell you that the biggest reason behind this is that now it has become a man plate somewhere. 

Siddhartha Yes, Siddhartha Mann has been plated because it is not so easy to plate Siddhartha's mind. So what has Riya done for Riya, here Riya has made Siddhartha mind plate through Pallavi and Vikram and these things are there. 

It is Riya and Alia's planning and because of which Siddharth and he need love and nothing else. So now all these things which are here are going to come. What is revealed in front is going to happen and the big things that are there will come out now. After this, man power has been used here. 

Riya and Alia meant Vikram and Siddharth meant Vikram and Pallavi, while both of them used their power, here Siddharth is completely non-existent and in the coming days Prachi and Ranbir's life will be seen to be the biggest villain. 

Will come That's why these things are what they are. Yes, all of you will get to see what is there in front of the audience, so the update of the upcoming episode is making a great sound.

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