Kumkum Bhagya 21th August 2022 Today Episode Written Update

Aaliya has hatched the biggest dangerous conspiracy against Prachi, now it is going to come straight back and the seat which is the evidence as well as the one who is going to bring the truth along with him but now here is Aaliya who is a lot to stop the seat Whatever the big plan is, it will be seen making it. Alia cannot see Siddharth in what is now Kohli is here from the airport. 

As soon as she leaves the airport, she wants to do it completely and that's why she is giving money to the goons. At the same time, Pallavi has also got to know about Pallavi here. And all these things that he is saying to Vikram that Dida dida is saying that Pallavi who is not with Prachi and at the same time you will get to see romantic momin all of you viewers. 

Ranvir and Prachi will stay in the middle of where they have gone to get done and there both will be seen coming closer to each other. What's going to happen in the special upcoming episode? Let us tell you the whole thing. 

In the upcoming episodes, first of all I want to tell you guys, to get the face test done in the upcoming episodes. Prachi and Ranbir who are with each other are about to reach the hospital. Where after getting Dr. Prachi who is she will be going to fall down on the ground. 

Prachi and her child's life must have been in danger here but as Ranbir who is like a shadow living with Prachi, nothing will happen to Prachi and will take Prachi in her arms and at the same time tell Prachi that you need to panic. No need because I am with you and I will protect you. 

Whatever this thing is, he must be saying and at the same time Prachi is also going to say this to Ranveer that when you are with me, what is there to be afraid of and you lift me in this way and I want that I can do this. The kind of mistakes that I make again and again. Whatever this thing is, he will be seen saying. 

At the same time, there is going to be doubt about Pallavi, Dida and Dida are going to come to know about such a truth through Pallavi, which will make Pallavi completely suspicious that she is not with Prachi at all. She is pretending she is doing a lot of deceit, this thing about being with Prachi comes to know about Dida and Dida who is there tells Vikram about all this. 

Now what will you get to see after this? So after this you will get to see that friends who is Alia and who is Diya make dangerous plans and that plan is that in international report Siddha has reached Siddharth in International Airport and from Siddharth who is if Kohli has come back. In that, he will tell the truth and if everyone knows the truth that there was no relation between him as well as Prachi here.

 When he says this, then the whole truth will come out of Riya and Riya will be thrown out by pushing the family members and these things should not happen, that's why Aaliya who is giving money to the goons and shows the photo in mobile by giving money. 

She says about Siddharth and Siddharth that she will be ready to go to Kohli House from International International Airport and then you guys have to put an end to this. Murder has to be done, whatever it is, they must be saying friends, but even then she will not be able to stop Siddharth at all.

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