Kumkum Bhagya 23th August 2022 Episode Written Update

Prachi that Dr. The report which is going to come out in which Doctor Who is going to tell such a truth to Prachi, due to which all the dreams of Prachi and Ranbir, all those dreams will be fulfilled. 

Prachi's dream will also come true and Ranbir's dream will also come true. Now who will tell such a truth and who is Siddharth in the injured condition, it is Kohli who is going to reach it and Riya will feel it together. 

The biggest setback was the plan of Riya and Alia, here it would have been a complete flop. Friends will be seen what is going to happen in the special upcoming episode, let's tell the whole thing.

 First of all special would like to tell to all the viewers in the upcoming episodes. Friends, in the upcoming episodes, you will get to see that Ranbir who is Prachi will reach the hospital to get Dr. and Dr. Jo is going to get it done completely. 

Now what will happen here, what will happen to Siddharth as soon as it comes out of the airport and Alia will try to finish it after seeing the betel nut of Siddharth's name, but those people will not be able to do it at all. 

Siddhartha who is he is going to come back. Now along with this, Holy House would like to tell you that what other big twist will be seen here. So what is Prachi and M's report of the family is about to come out. In which the doctor is going to tell Prachi that you are going to be the mother of the children you have joined. 

Meaning? Ranveer wanted who he is. He wanted a girl and Prachi wanted a boy who she is. Now the happiness of both can be found. Through connected children, what is there as a boy and a girl can be fulfilled. Our sourcing is also telling us that the twins who are going to be Prachi.

 First of all, this exclusive is giving information about this to all of you viewers. Hindustan Nau is telling that the twin children who are Prachi will be the ones who will completely change the fate. 

Kohli yes his destiny ko toh am hai that will be shown to all of you viewers. Anyway, Ranbir who is a few days ago complains to Prachi that whatever the child is, it should be a girl but should be a girl and should be a girl, she should also look like you. 

Whatever this thing is, he is saying that now somewhere God has fulfilled the wish of his heart. Means Kopu is determined to fulfill and Prachi is also determined to fulfill Delhi's wish here. 

Now the dream of both of them will be fulfilled here with the arrival of these children. Now it will be interesting to see here. When Riya comes to know about this, then how will Riya rock and how will this truth come in front of Riya. 

Because Ranbir who is the father of the child who is going to be Prachi, if we come to know about this, then there will be a big ruckus. So these are also the things that all of you viewers will get to see and maybe Riya may get a holiday this time.

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