Kumkum Bhagya 24th August 2022 Episode Written Update

After flopping all the plans of Rhea and Alia to save their lives, now only the one who is going to reach Kohli House and the biggest setback that will be felt here is going to be for Pallavi along with Rhea and Alia. 

The biggest setback is because Pallavi's game is also about to take off and Said alone will be seen making Ranbir and Prachi unite while reading heavy on all the enemies. What is going to happen, in the special upcoming episode, let us tell you the whole thing. 

In the upcoming episodes, first of all, friends want to tell you that in the upcoming episodes you will get to see that on one hand, where Riya and Alia have made a plan that Siddharth who is he should not come to the polyhouse in any way. . 

Whatever his family gets done, he should not come home and that is why he has also given betel nut to the goons as soon as Siddharth leaves the airport in the name of Siddharth, the goons will reach there and they will order them now here. Those goons will also reach for Siddharth Kumar but will not be able to kill, will get completely soaked and will be completely successful in saving himself. 

Siddharth now wants to tell you here, Diya and Alia's plan to stop Siddharth is going to be complete and Pallavi who is here now she is playing a big game with Prachi and with Prachi Mouth is playing the game, but as soon as she delivers Prachi for nine months, she will then make the biggest plan to separate Prachi from her child. 

But what this planning is, it is going to be completely in front of Ranbir and only after the arrival of this plan, which means it will be completely destroyed because Ranbir's savior will save Siddharth's death rather he is playing a game. 

And what is there during that game, now here all the truth of Sara will come to the fore and the drama of Pallavi here is going to stop completely. 

Friends, this is the big trust that all of you viewers will get to see in the upcoming Kumkum Bhagya episode and on one hand, where all this cash will be shown to all of you, on the other hand, now Ranbir and Prachi are the finalists of each other.

 Whatever is there, they are going to be seen and a lot of meaning will be shown to the family. Now the loop is here to keep Prachi happy somewhere. Now that Prachi can go to any extent to do something, even if he has to go against his mother. 

What will happen when he comes to know the truth of his mother and what will happen when he comes to know that his mother is making such a big pretense and what happened to Dida will also be sure because Dida already has doubts Gone . 

Pallavi is trying to be the double dholki of this time. Here Pallavi and when I come to know about Pallavi what will she do? It will be very interesting to see what Vikram will do. Friends, that's all in today's report

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