Kumkum Bhagya 25th August 2022 Episode Written Update

Riya's friend Sena is about to commit a big mistake on the part of Aaliya. Because Aaliya has explained a lot to the army here that her secret is to kill Sid, that secret should not be revealed to anyone, but the army will reveal what it is. She will tell Ranveer in front of Ranbir that only her life is in danger. 

What is going to happen to Ranbir's senses as soon as he hears this talk about SIDCO Tum Bachao. In the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya, special let us tell you the whole thing. First of all, in the upcoming episode, I want to tell you with friends. 

Yes, yes, Saina, the same army that was supporting Riya here. But the army that is there is about to come to know such a truth from Aaliya's side, which after hearing the biggest shock and that shock is that Aaliya who is giving money to the goons to get the seat killed, the goons are hired. 

doing and this is what it is. When Sena comes to know, the army is completely mixed up and Aaliya reaches to the army and threatens her too. 

Tum Italy also tells him to keep threatening and also advises that neither will you talk to Riya that I have hired the bando only to kill her. And you will neither tell nor give this truth to anyone else. Tell you what this thing is, it says but the army which is there, it costs so much and it is very good. 

Yes, he got the company that is wrong, so that is why the army that is going to go to Ranbir and what Ranbir is, now he will be seen explaining the meaning of the army, who is in danger. Is . On behalf of Aaliya Bol ji, Aaliya wants to kill only what I am. Whatever this thing is, he will be seen saying, after which we will go here completely. 

Absolutely the biggest shock that is going to happen here is nobody else but Ranbir and Ranveer who are here will not think anything. Ranveer is just to save the airport and whatever is there he will go and there will be a huge attack. 

Ranbir will be seen saving him, so in this way Seth's life is going to be saved and his life will be saved, but the one who is about to do a blast, Kohli is coming in it and you also want to tell this to all the audience. . 

Friends, the story of the upcoming episode is going to be interesting and what was not to happen, now that final e is going to happen and at the same time in an interesting way. 

Now all this cash is there, it will increase in future as well as there are many interesting modes which are there. Now what is like this is going to come, so the update which is there, it looks great. Friends, now after the disclosure of the army here, the life of the army will also be in danger.

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