Kumkum Bhagya 26th August 2022 Episode Written Update

She came . Dr. The real truth of the report Pallavi's anger went to the seventh heaven in front of Pallavi and Pallavi knew Dr. 

Report had been changed and at the same time after knowing this, now completely red with anger, here there is a loud bang on Riya's cheeks. Slap Jada and gave the biggest threat to Aaliya, Riya and Sena. Yes, what is going to happen, in the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya, let us tell you the whole thing. 

In the upcoming episodes, first of all, friends want to tell you that in the coming episodes, you will also get to see that on one side, where Riya is not even fully aware of but Alia and Sena have done what they want while using their brains. 

Dr report is about to arrive of Prachi. They make changes inside the house before that and here prove to Prachi in front of everyone that the child who is studying in Prachi's coke is not like Ranbir at all. 

These meanings prove that, now here Riya is aware of this at all but gives a surprise to Riya. Both Sena and Alia here now want to tell you friends who will Ranbir support even then. So whoever Ranveer is, he will support Prachi only. 

Even if any evidence comes, no evidence comes, but whatever is the duty of Ranveer, he will definitely pay what he is and at the same time his duty is to support his wife, then he will support his wife and Prachi will also be more or less. 

Gonna be happy Ranveer means with this big step, now here I want to tell you that Sena and Alia who is here are telling about how big a problem you would have got stuck in. 

You know, if we have reported India at the right time at the right time, if we had not made changes, then the feeling of leaving your house increases even more. She will be seen saying this thing and only then Pallavi will listen to this. Now Pallavi listen to this.

 What is behind Pallavi's back is what Riya and Aaliya Sena are doing. Now want to tell you, on the other hand, want to tell that Sena, Sena and Alia have done this but now Pallavi has also come to know. 

What Pallavi is now has a different purpose. Pallavi who is she does not want to stress Prachi at all and on the other hand wants to do Prachi and Ranveer together till Prachi delivers the baby. 

Now that's why the one who is here will be seen slapping vigorously on Riya's cheeks as well as saying that you can fall so much, you can fall so much that you have changed the dinner report itself. 

Now saying all these things, she is seen warning him and at the same time saying that I want a child, I want a child from Prachi, if anything happens to Prachi's child, then I will not forgive you. 

We are friends, I refuse to do plotting between us, but if there is a little up and down, I will not tell you. Whatever this thing is, she is going to be seen saying that Pallavi is going to come.

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