Kumkum Bhagya 27 August 2022 Episode Written Update

Riya's khyali pulao turned into a complete khichdi. What is the biggest dream has been shattered. And this question must be going on in the minds of all of you viewers that did F say that did F say this in front of everyone? Kohli, yes, the child in front of him in Prachi's womb is his, so it is true. 

Today we are going to tell you friends from the whole government because the biggest dream is broken. Kumkum Bhagya is completely becoming the city of dreams for the enemies because the enemy who is here is having big dreams to see himself winning. 

And one of those dreams was seen that Siddharth has come and Siddharth is being asked Riya is asking whether you know whether you will tell the truth or not whether you have a child in Prachi's court? So then after this Siddharth is seen saying that that mouth, I am Prachi's face, his father is seen saying this thing. 

Now along with this you will get to see all the viewers. The full truth of this is about to come out. What is the matter, what is the whole news, let us tell you in today's special report. 

Where would you like to be the first to tell in the upcoming episodes? Friends, the way they came and are being asked or on behalf of whether you are who you are and the child who is becoming a child, then this thing is happening, 

then here Priya means whatever will be seen here that yes yes I Now this is not the truth in this matter, it will be a dream because it will be seen by Priya and the choice which is being made by Riya, she will be making and celebrating victory somewhere. But this celebration is a dream. 

This celebration, now the complete truth in this matter is going to come out and at the same time all of you viewers will be shown that this is completely a plate of roses. Will be back from now on and want to tell you here before coming back again. Cash is about to start here. 

If you will be f, then you want to tell a friend, it can be here too and maybe the biggest happy here, only then you have been told because the question is going on in your mind that what things said like this? The question was running in your mind, so you have already answered the question. 

Whatever misunderstandings there are, they have been removed. It has been told that nothing like this happens at all. Here is the dream. 

The biggest dream is the one that will be broken and the biggest at the same time. If you all get to see now, it is going to be interesting and on the other hand Ranveer's faith. All of you viewers get ready to watch the upcoming episodes.

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