Kumkum Bhagya 28 August 2022 Episode Written Update

No matter how hard Rhea and Alia try to separate Prachi and Ranveer, they will fail completely in doing so. Many charges have been leveled against Prachi. 

An effort has been made on behalf of Rhea and Alia to spot the Far completely. Prachi's but now Ranbir who is here will be seen supporting Prachi and while supporting Prachi, he is going to do it to himself and to Prachi. 

The biggest promise will be seen making such a promise because of which Aap Sachchi Jo Hai D has reported and Sid's she is going to come out. What will happen to everyone as well as now. Let us tell you in today's special report. 

In the upcoming episodes, first of all I want to tell you that friends, you will get to see this in the upcoming episodes. F who is here will tell the biggest lie and the reason for his lying will come to the fore and he will tell the lie that the child who is in Prachi's court is mine. 

Both of us had come together in Bangalore. When Ranveer was not with her, I was in her physical relation. Whatever this is, he will be seen saying. Will be seen lying because of Riya and Aaliya. And there the report has also come out. 

Now after all these allegations, Prachi will be completely broken and at the same time she will be slapped and Ranveer will be seen getting more angry, talking here but after this all of you viewers will get to see Ranbir of friends. The one who is will be completely broken and he will be seen beating him in a very dirty way and will almost get him done. 

Now here I want to tell you what must have happened in such a way that Prachi who is she is going to be very upset and Prachi who is she is so much upset that she will be so upset that she is who she is and leave the house. 

Will be going Friends and he will support Prachi without informing anyone who is Ranbir. Now here he will support Prachi, will stop Prachi and at the same time he must have promised that whatever happens here, you will not want from this house here and I think that all these things are what they are.

What is under the conspiracy has happened and I would like to find out about this truth who changed the Dr. Report as well as who forced the mean side that he should lie, ye baat hai then liye liye raha hai to me.

 It has been found out for sure. Now I will try to find out about it, what is the matter, Prachi is speaking to Prachi, promising Prachi, he is seen promising her as well, so here Riya and Aaliya felt the same way. This time he will be seen completely hating here. Not from anyone else but from Prachi. 

But that doesn't seem to be happening at all. Here, on the contrary, something else seems to be happening here because here Ranveer has been completely suspicious of Riya, Alia and M and if you have come across goons there, then other goons are also creating a big ruckus. Those who are are to be seen. 

Now it will be more interesting to see what will happen here today. Whatever happens, Ranveer is with Prachi and it is certain that he will remain with the party. That's all in today's special report. Friends

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