Kumkum Bhagya 29 August 2022 Episode Written Update

Only he will tell the biggest reason for his helplessness and helplessness here in front of Ranbir. Yes, by showing the biggest video in front of Ranbir, showing the biggest evidence, he would show the biggest reason for his helplessness and his helplessness. 

It will be seen why he lied and after all, why did he say such a thing in front of everyone that the child who is growing up in Prachi's court is the father of that child. Now why he said this, it will be revealed about it and will be seen revealing from itself. Will be seen getting emotional in front of Ranbir. 

Completely helpless will be seen and here is the final E in front of Ranbir. This truth is about to come out. Is anything special going to happen in the upcoming episodes? Let me tell you the whole thing. Want to tell you guys now Ranbir who is here will come under complete pressure. 

He will tell Prachi what he should not have said even if he doesn't want Riya and Aaliya. Now Prachi will be seen asking Prachi here whether whatever seed said, whatever allegation against me about my father and my unborn child, do you believe it to be right? Then after that Ranveer will be seen speaking here. 

I have no reason not to believe him to be right. Whatever it is he will say. Now after hearing all these things, she will go here. Meaning she will leave the house. Prachi is about to leave the house, now Prachi will go away. 

After this f is going to happen and Ranveer will be very upset about this thing and only then whoever is here, the seat is given to the seat, who is the dida who will give a slap to the person who is wise and at the same time will be seen saying right to you. It is not known how many lives you have had. 

You have done Ranveer's life. Ranbir's life has happened because of one of your state mints. Prachi's life has happened and her future child's life is bad. I know that Prachi is completely enough. What follows is Ranveer realizing what a big mistake he has made. 

However, under someone's pressure, you have said all these things that the child who is going to happen in Prachi's court is his father. This is said under someone's pressure. So now the seat is going to go here too Ranveer to find out about Prachi and Sahana and the meaning will be completely seen meeting here now. 

Where Ranveer will be seen asking Ranveer, 'Have you got the courage to stand in front of me like you have come Besharam? How is it then after this, whatever is there, it will be seen telling all the things that whatever I said was completely false. 

I had a great helplessness and helplessness and those people threatened me Prachi and they had threatened to end your life like this. He will be seen saying what this thing is and after this Ranveer will ask who threatened you, who threatened you. 

After this, there will be village mint somewhere in this, Pallavi's village, Riya's Alia's, then all of you viewers will get to see these things. Friends, in the next episode of Kumkum Bhagya, the story is making very interesting sound.

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