Kumkum Bhagya 30 August 2022 Episode Written Update

Because of one seat mistake, now the seat will have to bear the huge payment which is due. 

Now came here to get Ranbir and Prachi united at Kohli House but he could not get one done, now he could not get one done here and he spoke such a state mint due to which there was no misunderstanding between Ranbir and Prachi but even It is a rumor that Prachi has become kidney, 

Prachi will be there and Prachi is being tortured by the goons and all these things have happened because of a mistake in the seat. Now he will rectify the same mistake. How to improve and how to move forward. You want to tell all these things to all the viewers. Friends, in today's special report. 

Whatever is there from now on, an attempt is being made to create a little bit of misunderstanding between Prachi and Ranbir. From the side of the enemies, that enemy had come to remove that problem which is there in Kohli House but he could not do it because the enemies had given a lot of black mail here and threatened a lot, because of which what is here now is complete. Well, here is the State Mint. 

Going against Prachi and Ranveer, he said that the child who is growing up in Prachi's wrath, Ranbir got very angry after hearing all this and Ranbir who is here will also be seen doubting Prachi. 

After which Prachi is going to leave the house and in the meantime Prachi will be cash and when the seat comes to know, she will not be able to stop herself, she will be crying in front of Dida. 

She must have been crying bitterly and dida will also be here on the seat making many allegations and saying that because of you Prachi Ranbir and her future child, now the life of their three is completely spoiled. I am going to be seen getting slapped saying what this thing is. Now along with this you will get to see this, a big twist will come here. 

Friends and what is that twist, then you will get to see that friends, what is there from now on, it will decide that now that mistake will be rectified and at the same time he will also be seen saying that if I did not say such things No, if I had not spoken State Mint like this, then those people would have killed Prachi now. 

He is going to be seen saying what this thing is and at the same time now Prachi's life has also become kidney in danger. Prachi has left the house so now I am realizing my mistake. I should have told the whole truth to Sara. Ranveer will see what this thing is, he thinks and at the same time he will think that I have made a big mistake. 

Now I will rectify this mistake whatever it is. Prachi has to find me first and find Prachi. Here Ranveer and Prachi have to tell everything that there are so many big conspiracies happening to separate those people and because of that they made me a victim too. Whatever this thing is, he is going to be seen saying. 

This is planning, he makes that, so this big trophy is going to be interesting. Coming in the upcoming episodes and there are going to be many interesting stories coming with all these things, so this important milestone is going to come in Kumkum Bhagya. 

How will Riya get it done from now on, Prachi and Ranbir and how the truth is going to come out and will tell about the people who threatened Ranveer, it will be more interesting to see all these things in today's special report. so many friends

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