Kumkum Bhagya 6 September 2022 Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 6 September 2022 Episode Written Update, Kumkum Bhagya 6 September 2022 Today Full Episode Written Update

Ranbir and Prathi return safely. Kohli is back in him and all the misunderstandings that were there between them, all the misunderstandings which are there, have completely gone away. Now along with this there is another very good news which is there. 

We are meeting the sets of Kumkum Bhagya and the good news is that Riya and Alia's game is completely exposed. exposed the game of both of them and at the same time was seen sending those who are behind the bars of the jail. 

That is, she has done a great job here and both Riya and Aaliya who are here are going to be arrested and there will be a case charge on them. What is going to happen to kidnapping, in the special upcoming episode, let us tell you the whole thing. 

In the upcoming episode, first of all I want to tell you guys like all of you viewers know what will happen here? So take a bath and the Ranveer who is ours has reached. Here Prachi's party is going to be kept at that place, there will be a big fight going on and on the location. There will be a huge fight and will also come from there and help Prachi, Ranveer and Sahana here. 

Due to which now Prachi and Ranveer will be completely out of the dangers of the goons. That is, those who are out of danger are going to be completely out. Means Ranveer and Prachi. After this the set will tell the whole truth of all that is here, what was the reason for his helplessness and what was the biggest helplessness of his helplessness. 

After this, all of you viewers will get to see this, friends, there will be a huge uproar there. The ruckus will be that whatever the support is, it will tell the whole truth. After which Ranveer will be seen saying here.

 First of all I should tell this truth that you have a sister. Now here a very big one which means will be seen keeping Chakravyu and will also return home after that. Whatever means and evidence that Sahara has against Ranbir and Prachi and Ran and Prachi, they will be seen collecting all the evidence they have against Riya and Alia. 

Here Pallavi Vikram and Geeta will be fully exposed to the truth of Pallavi, Vikram and Dida. After which the police will come there and the police will arrest whatever is there. No one else here but Riya and Aaliya, Riya Aaliya, both of them are going to get the biggest punishment for their deeds. 

Yes, the biggest explosion will now be seen by all the viewers in the story of the upcoming episode of Kumkum Bhagya and here it is, what is the planning, that is the calling of the sister. This will be the last part of their conspiracy. Now after this, what these people are, they will not be able to do any conspiracy at all. Now it will be interesting to see how we get out here. 

From today means Riya and Alia because Riya Alia who is not going to be silent so easily, it will be more interesting to see. That's all friends in today's special report

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