Kumkum Bhagya 7th September 2022 Episode Written Update

Kumkum Bhagya 7th September 2022 Episode Written Update, Kumkum Bhagya 7th September 2022 Today Full Episode Written Update

Faasa Hana both are going to do what they have together, making Riya and Aaliya totally a sports person. Yes, Rhea will sport Alia's knuckles but will be seen saving Prachi's as well as Ranveer's life here. 

While completely exporting Rhea and Alia, Prachi and Ranveer will be able to save both. Am and Sahana want to tell you friends Sahana who is together with Ranbir has reached the same base where Prachi has been imprisoned as well as now she is going to save Prachi's life from the goons. 

Sahana will be seen teaming up with Ranveer and supporting the sets as well. After which Sed will come home and do a sports badly to Riya and Aaliya. The truth of Riya and Aaliya will come to the fore. After which all of you viewers will get to see the big ruckus. 

Now after this what you will get to see, then you want to tell Seth and Sahana Prachi and Ranbir, all these people will know. Now the set will tell here. Sahana will tell how Riya had blackmailed him, threatened him. All of these things will be seen saying whatever they are. After which Ranveer who is here will be seen asking for it. 

And Ranveer who is he will say that your sister as well as I will get you justice. After this, he will come home and export, under which Riya who is here is going to be F. And here Pallavi was the misunderstanding that was inside Pallavi's heart and Pallavi had given a big deal. 

Here no one else but Prachi will now be seen taking all the cash meaning of Sara completely and Prachi is going to be seen reiterating the faith she has in Prachi. And this thing is such a big thing when it will come to know that no one else here but Pallavi has to suffer here. How Riya and Aaliya did family, then she will be seen asking for the seat and is going to give it to Prachi too. 

I am going to do this with criminals as well, you all will get to see this big bang. But these things are not going to happen so easily. Yes, it is so easily that this trophy will not be shown. All of you will be shown in front of the audience and it is likely to be shown all these things by the end of this week. 

Now a very good news is coming out here that now Pallavi has also come to know that everything was not done by Riya, Riya and Aaliya and Prachi will carry forward what she is to her upcoming bunch. . He is going to come to know about all these things. Now what is the story here, how will it move around, so here Aryan and Suhana's lock is going to be seen moving forward. 

Sahana and those who are here are going to be seen moving forward. Meaning the lock of both will be shown. In the story of Joe, who is going to bring a major talk, then the story is going to be very interesting.

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